2018 Rewind: Tough Love

tough love

How was 2018 for you?

It has been a really good year for us. At the end of 2017, we managed to retain our creative freedom and returned to doing what we love most: creating good quality house music. We’ve been relentless in the studio and our output has gone into overdrive releasing on labels such as Nothing Else Matters, Sweat It Out, Insomniac, Madtech, Mother and more. We had the privilege of fronting the Pure House compilation and, musically, it has been one of our strongest years to date. With all the new music, our shows feel a lot closer to how we started as an act. At least 85 percent of our sets this year have consisted of our most recent material.


Doing the Pure House album was a huge tick off the bucket list for us having grown up listening to the Pure albums. Also hitting the Beatport Top 10 with “Dancin’ Kinda Close” and being ranked in the Top 30 Beatport House Artists in the World! We’ve ventured into new territories musically, which has enabled us to tour in some amazing cities internationally and the feedback from those shows has bolstered our confidence in the music we have to come.


The music industry is one big roller coaster and so is life. We’ve both had our own personal issues to deal with this year, and, musically, house music seems to have gone through a transitional phase and the last couple of years has seen so many acts come and go. We’ve been fortunate enough to maintain some stability; as much the fact it’s our job, music really has become our escape. We feel we’re in a better place than ever before!

Song of the year?

Weiss – Feel My Needs

What’s your New Year’s resolution?  

We’re just gonna keep going. Music aside, we just want to be the best guys we can be. Better humans to the planet, better friends to people, and everything else is a bonus.

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