2018 Rewind: Lonely C


How was 2018 for you?

Charles Levine: 2018 was a year of tremendous transition for me. Taking a step back from “normal” patterns to make room for new opportunities and trying new things. 018 is the year of my debut solo album, Charles & Tribulations, which I worked on with the help of Morgan Wiley from Midnight Magic. Together, we took my demos from rough ideas with a lot of potential to a tremendous sounding finished product which both content-wise and sonically is some of the best music I’ve ever written! From there we took it to the stage, putting together a Lonely C band where we premiered as part of the Soul Clap Records review performing alongside season vets Midnight Magic and Underground System.


Releasing my solo Lonely C album and launching lonelyc.com are definitely at the top of my list of 2018 highlights, but a close second is that this year I moved to Miami and closed up my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a bittersweet thing to say goodbye to the rad pad which I loved so dearly and had so many great memories in, but I’m so excited to be in a new place and I know my roots are so deep with friends and family in NYC the story there is far from over.


I lost two dear friends and musical giants in 2018, Sa’D “The Hourchild” Ali and Navid Izadi. They were both Crew Love; they were both super talents; and they were both about as cosmic as they come. It has been a long grieving process that feels far from over, but to have the privilege to have known them separately and together is such an honor. I learned so much for these two and they are still very much in my heart, mind and soul.

Song of the year?

Wajatta! The new album collaboration between Reggie Watts and John Tejada. The whole thing is incredible.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To love like never before; to be present; moderation; mediation; and to continue to grow as a DJ, a musician and an artist!

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