2018 Rewind: Kraak & Smaak


How was 2018 for you?

Kraak & Smaak: We had another incredible year with Kraak & Smaak. Still some slipstream from 2017’s album Juicy Fruit, dropped some very strong new singles and remixes, plus we traveled around the globe for the umpteenth time with live shows and DJ sets. Our homegrown label, Boogie Angst, is growing steadily, with a first artist album just released by Dutch producer Moods and a second label compilation up for December. Yet there is still even more work to do: that new Kraak & Smaak album for 2019 needs to be finished at the end of the year as well. So we’re spending much time in the studio since Summer too, and again we have some great vocal collabs in the making.


Our first DJ tour in China was an absolutely amazing experience – what a country to get to know! It was overwhelming — well, at least for a Dutchman, lol – the first couple of days. Another highlight was the mix CD we were able to make for the Toolroom Poolside series, actually our first proper mix CD release for a third-party. We had great fun compiling that, so hopefully more to come in that department.


Djeez… to be honest we haven’t run into really bad stuff in 2018 (knock on wood). Last year through, colleague Mark had some scary moments during the big earthquake in Mexico, but thankfully – with all the travel involved each year – everything more or less seems to pan out well in that regard.

Song of the year?

Phew… so much goodies going around. Dancefloor-wise, Art of Tones and Yuksek have definitely been on a roll this year, while I also loved many Delusions of Grandeur and Freerange delivered some steady goodies too.

Loved the second Jungle album, For Ever, as well, although not very dissimilar from the first one tbh. Parcels continue to amaze as well.

The discovery of the year for us though, was LA’s Mk.Gee. Accidentally stumbled upon him while browsing through Spotify. This guy is surely gong to get more attention the coming years, so check it out. Cool tracks are “Priorities” and “Over Here.”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To try keep doing what we’re doing. As K&S we have been around for a while now, but there is still a hunger for more: new music, touring, expanding the Boogie Angst label…

And finish that sixth album of course.

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