2018 Rewind: Josh Garrett

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How was 2018 for you?

Overall, it was a really good year. I had a number of releases on great labels and several really solid compilation appearances. Both my own profile as JGarrett and the profile of Subspec grew this year. This year, I mostly released other artists on Subspec and focused on releasing my own material with other labels. My sound has kind of developed into something much heavier and faster than what I was doing previously. People seem to be into it … that’s been awesome. I’ve played a number of live sets this year in a few cities around the US and have been booked for my debut appearance in LA supporting I Hate Models.


Having my track “Rushing to Singularity” released as part of Perc Trax’s Forever 1 compilation and then having it played by Dense & Pika at Ultra Europe was the biggest highlight. I also released “Proximity” with Gobsmacked Records, which has been getting a really great response and support. I released a bunch of my harder industrial material with Italy’s Dirty Minds this year — three EPs and a compilation track. Dirty Minds was practically my home label this year. I also released my Recombinant EP on Advanced (Black) and that got some love from some DJs I really look up to. Lots of good stuff going on. Also, putting on the Subspec showcase with the Bassment in Detroit during Movement weekend. I also did a remix for The Butcher that came out on his ” Matter of Creation” 12″ on Remember Why You Started under the name “Sunlight Lane Mix.”


There were some tough things that happened in 2018. It was a year of begins and endings … lots of transitions this year. Transitions can be hard.

Song of the year?

Ken Ishii – Malfunction Manipulation

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I’m going to work on not burning the candle at both ends quite so much.


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