Eelke Kleijn 5 Tracks of the Moment

Eelke Kleijn

Fans of deep, melodic electronica and cinematic progressive house rejoice. Rotterdam-based DJ/producer/composer Eelke Kleijn has just released his third full-length album, Moments of Clarity, via his own imprint DAYS like NIGHTS imprint/event series.

Picking up where he left off on 2010’s Untold Stories (Manual Music), Kleijn’s latest long-player is a testament to his musical maturation. A classically trained pianist who has cast a musical net that extends to doing sound design work to movie scores for Hollywood, Moments of Clarity could be his most organic work to date.

Ahead of upcoming gigs in Turkey, Sweden, Indonesia and Argentina, the Dutch master shares his favorite tracks of the moment.

Eelke Kleijn – Maschine 2.0

“Maschine 2.0” was one of the first tracks I initially finished for the new album. I think I managed to strike a really nice balance between the emotional, uplifting string part and its effectiveness as a dance floor weapon later on in the track. Most of the inspiration for the lead sound in this track came from my modular, which is a pretty crazy Maschine, hence the name.

RÜFÜS DU SOL – Underwater

This track has been a steady powerhouse in all my sets. I love RÜFÜS DU SOL as a band and this is one of their finest tracks to date. I’m especially fond of those higher pitched vocals, but the track as a whole is fantastic.

Einmusik – Sa Trincha

What I love about this new track by Einmusik is the ’90s vibe that is has. It’s not overly present, but to me it has a similar feeling to some of the timeless track from the late nineties. It’s a great track to lose yourself in on the dance floor.

Fat Sushi – Timeless

The new DAYS like NIGHTS release by Fat Sushi has been one of my secret weapons this summer. I’ve played it in almost all big sets, including the ones at Burning Man and Mixmag. It has a fantastic lead that really cuts through the mix. Powerful!

David Hohme – Without Doubt (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

Rodriguez Jr. has been on a bit of a roll lately. He did a fantastic remix on Anjunadeep for Eli & Fur as well. This one for David is another winner. There’s so much emotion in this tune, it’s a perfect track for closing after a long night.

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