5 Iconic Artists That Inspired Darlyn Vlys’ Brilliant Debut LP

Darlyn Vlys

After nearly a decade of producing evocative house and deep techno tracks for revered dance-music labels including Audiomatique Recordings, Time Has Changed, Suara and Area Remote, Sylvain Soulier (a.k.a. Darlyn Vlys) has delivered a career-defining full-length debut, Prince in the Rain (Sincopat).

The Valancia-based Frenchman’s 12-track effort — which features collaborations with Australian singer Haptic, Andreas Kubat of the German band Northern Lite, Kid BucleRari and Sincopat label boss AFFKT — juxtaposes elements of emotive synthpop to shoegaze along with his trademark dance floor sound. Having just followed the album’s release with a red-hot remix pack of “Learned to Hide” featuring a killer re-rub by Chaim, Soulier shares five artists whose music influenced Prince in the Rain.

1. M83
“Outro” is from M83’s epic and ambitious Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. This track had a big influence on my musical career but also on the sound of my album, Prince in the Rain. I was always fascinated by the music of Anthony Gonzales; he gives us pieces of instrumental electronics but also mesmerizing tracks in movie trailers.

“Outro” allows you to believe in the impossible and encourages you to jump into the void. “Midnight,” “They Are Coming” and “Map to the Stars” are clearly influenced by him.

2. Vitalic 

The first album Ok Cowboy from Vitalic is a rough diamond. I discovered it when I was student, and I immediately bought the vinyl. Nowadays I’m still in love to the epic “Trahison” hook. For my taste, it’s the perfect track I am waiting on an album; the dark ARP synthesizer and melancholic pads are full of emotions. When I close my eyes, it’s like a long travel in space.

3. Serge Gainsbourg
I have been rocked by Serge Gainsbourg’s music. His innovative pop melodies and his eclectic career have always drawn my attention. I am a huge fan of “Sea, Sex and Sun,” which is one of his bestsellers. Its sunny disco mood still stays etched in my memory. Some years ago I inherited the vinyl from my grandfather. I am really proud to have it in my collection.

4. Air
“La femme d’argent” is a part of the excellent Moon Safari. When I discovered it, my vision of electronic music clearly changed. Many people don’t know they are part from the French Touch movement.

The talented French duo never disappoint me. I have the chance to see their act band two times, they are perfectionist and their seventies melancholic footprint is dyed of electronic sounds!

I’ve alwaysbeen captivated by “La femme d’argent.” I love how they make use of the organ and the Moog effects. The sound of this song is very innovative and experimental and it has not aged.

5. Daft Punk
Homework is the first electronic album which gave a big slap in my face. As far as I remember, I found Daft Punk’s sound so new and refreshing. After that, electronic music took an important place in my life. “Around the World” and their famous video clip directed by Michel Gondry had a big impact on my career. The groovy bassline and the robotic voice singing “around the world” gave the song a strong emotion that many people believe is a classic.

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