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Frank Bogdanowitz is a musician, producer, and performer based in Berlin. Working under the Dr.Nojoke moniker, Bogdanowitz espouses a taut minimal techno sound. What differentiates his releases on Sleep is Commercial, Concrete, and Destroy All Monsters lies in how he integrates field recordings and homemade sounds into his left-of-center ethos.

Bogdanowitz is prolific: In February he presented the Mental Health Hotline EP (Destroy All Monsters) and just dropped the zero.one EP on his vinyl-only CLIKNO imprint. In addition to prepping a follow-up EP titled zero.two will be released in June, he plans to introduce a new vinyl series, which will appear wrapped up in a silver metal-foil containing a 180g black vinyl and an insert containing an art-print and a text essay or poem.

We caught up with the good doctor and asked him to share five tracks currently in heavy rotation.

Yek – 128-12
Yek is a collaboration between Burnt Friedman and Iranian master Tombak drum player Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. I’m already a big fan of Burnt’s music, and I saw both play together. It was one of the moments in 2017 for me. Recently their self-titled EP came out on Burnt Friedman’s label, Nonplace, and there is absolutely no doubt about the high quality of this one.

Second Woman – /
In 2017 I came across Second Woman – never heard of that, what’s it? It’s actually totally my cup of tea. [Laughs] Their self-titled album out on Spektrum Spools is an extremely coherent album of brilliant sound design, which reminds me a bit to the good old SND. The opener just drives me crazy with its constantly speeded up and slowed down [tempo]. It’s a brilliant study of delay and filter work. Track of 2017 for me, but it must be in this list here.

Unknown Artist – Untitled 2 – Owl 5
I just stumbled across this one. Owl is one of those labels who keeps the originator of the music [they release] absolutely secret. You only can guess. There are no titles as well; they just number up the releases and the artwork is always a drawing of an Owl. Vinyl-only, of course. For me the B1 on Owl 5 is the best track they’ve put out so far. It mesmerizes me.

no preview music available

Akatana – Mama Was High (Hubble Dramsmix)
I know Akatana and Hubble both personally. I love what they do and that is actually reflected in their great characters. Hubble’s remix work is a wonderful, organic and rhythmically complexity tune – as usual – in a great production and sound. Out on Echoes. Vinyl-only again.

Marx Trukker – Moll Eins
This fabulous track is taken from the magnificent cassette album, Peripheral Whiles, which my friend Mark (a.k.a. Marx Trukker) put out through the label Noorden. The whole album is insane, and although Mark’s music is always special and very good, this one is his very best work so far in my opinion. Absolutely worth to listen to all ten tracks. Ah, just buy it!

I would also like to mention these absolutely outstanding and great albums: Sven Laux – Paper Streets (Dronarium); Andrea Belfi – Ore (Float); EinKa – To Waken Doubt in One (Goldmin Records); Gebrüder Teichmann – Lost on Earth (Noland).

Image by Mathieu Mardoukhaev

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