Charlotte de Witte Tells Us Why She Can’t Wait to Play America

Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte’s star is on the rise.

Originally starting out as an electro DJ about eight years ago in her native Belgium, she steered her sound in the direction of techno about four years ago. The result is a dark, moody, driving and often melancholy sound that’s tense and cannot be denied in either a club or festival setting.

Her meteoric evolution as a producer has been something to truly marvel, with her discography boasting phenomenal releases on labels such as NovaMute, Suara, Sleaze and Turbo Recordings.

We checked in with the globetrotting Belgian techno upstart about her debut US tour and recent musical output.

Charlotte de Witte plays Gravity in Houston on March 1; CRSSD Festival in San Diego on March 3; Flash in Washington, D.C. on March 8; Bijou Nightclub & Lounge in Boston on March 9; and Elsewhere in Brooklyn on March 10.

2017 was a huge year for you. What were some of the year’s best experiences/memories?
Charlotte de Witte: It’s been a massive life changing year indeed! Some of the highlights were definitely my Awakenings debut in July, Rock Werchter (a festival hosted in Belgium; I simply did not expect so many people there and the vibe was insane) and also touring. After summer in 2017, I had my first tour in Australia and South America and I went to Asia again. I’ve made friends and built memories all over the globe, which is the most beautiful part about my life.

You started 2018 by releasing the Brussels EP on NovaMute, an imprint with a legendary catalog of music. Has the label’s body of work influenced you – either as a DJ or producer – at any point in your career? If so, which releases?
I basically grew up listening to Mute/NovaMute records so they must have influenced me but in a more subtle manner.

Your upcoming Heart of Mine EP really hits the spot. How did you connect with Coyu about the release?
I got in touch with Coyu about two years ago when I released my track “Varpulis” on a Beauty Imperfection [compilation] on Suara. We kept in touch and a couple of months ago we decided to release Heart Of Mine EP on his label. I also remixed Regal’s track “L’Eternité” which also got released on Suara in the beginning of January. Our paths have crossed many times since the release of “Varpulis.”

Lewis Fautzi’s remix of “This” is stellar. What’s it like having one of your tracks remixed? How did Lewis come to remix the track?
I invited Lewis Fautzi for my party concept KNTXT once in Fuse in Brussels so we were aware of each other’s existence. Lewis was on my long list for a while so I’m really excited and proud to have him on board. It’s a really strong addition to the EP.

You’ve got a handful of US dates coming up in March. Have you played much in the US? What are you most looking forward to doing or seeing while you’re in America?
I have played in New York once but I definitely never toured there the way I’m about to next week. I’ll be playing in Houston, Denver, San Diego, Washington DC, Boston and New York, so I’m touring in both the East and West Coast. Las Vegas and Detroit is coming up in May. I’m really excited to go there, explore the area, meet new people and try local food. I’ll be spending three mid-week days in Mexico for a very short holiday. Lying on the beach and doing absolutely nothing is also something I’m really craving!

Charlotte de Witte

What’s in store for you for the next few months in terms of releases, tours, etc.?
2018 is probably getting even crazier than 2017. Tours are planned all over the world, the festival agenda is finger licking and there are there are other releases planned before summer ends. I can’t wait to experience it all!

Safe travels. See you in Brooklyn!
Thanks for doing this interview with me.

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