2017 Rewind: Degray


How was 2017 for you?
Degray: I think 2017 was a good year. It felt like the year passed by very quickly. I’ve released more music last year reaching the fifth EP on Parse Audio and have been massively occupied preparing a lot of things for 2018, like finally starting to release physical records, preparing my live set, etc. So 2017 was maintenance mode in preparation for a lot of new things to come in 2018.

The release of my Origin series and hearing both EPs in a continuous mix which I’ve done as part of my live preparation has been a very exciting experience. In general, getting excited to release and create new music and art has been the highlight.

Mainly been the difficulties of running a label as well as being an artist, from time management to promotion to listening and searching for new music. it’s hard keeping the balance.

Song of the year?
Fabrizio Lapiana’s “Far Away” or Four Tet’s “Daughter.” Both are great.


What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To continue pursuing my view on music and release records that I like and to finally get my live set ready for the road.


Yehouda Silverman

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