2017 Rewind: Motorik Vibe Council

Motorik Vibe Council

How was 2017 for you?
Motorik Vibe Council: 2017 was super intense in a good way. We celebrated five years of the label by releasing a compilation with everyone involved with the label from the beginning. We launched the compilation by going on a two-month tour of Australia, which got pretty out of hand as you could imagine.

Re-releasing the first Australian dance classic on vinyl. Itch-E & Scratch-E’s “Sweetness & Light “came out in 1994. Its license expired and we jumped on it.

Sydney’s lockout laws can be pretty difficult to deal with. You have to stay on your feet and adapt to the climate.

Song of the year?
Willaris. K’s “Alchemy”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Turn it up to 1000

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Yehouda Silverman

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