2017 Rewind: Sofie Letitre

Sofie Letitre

How was 2017 for you?

Sofie Letitre: I guess 2017 was quite a calm year for me. I wrote a lot of new music. After every record I release I always need some time to find my way. What do I want? Why? When? How? The funny thing is that I had the intention of slowing my life down a bit. I’m always working. And I truly love the things I do. But I guess I just needed some space for other things in life. And ended up writing more than ever. Crazy how that works.

Probably the release of our video “Elevate” by Tobias Jansen. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Also a highlight is the recent collaboration I did with ZES. We joined forces for a show together on Dutch Design Week. Ended up writing all new material for it and worked our asses off to make that happen in a couple of weeks. But once we stood on stage we just got in the flow and the music just fell into place. It was really great working with him.

Our dog died. That was really sad.

Song of the year?
Pff. That’s always such a hard question. But at the moment I’m really into the new Klangstof EP Everest and especially the song “Resume.”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To slow down my life. 😉

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