2017 Rewind: SHADED


How was 2017 for you?
SHADED: 2017 was an interesting year for me musically. I think my vision evolved to a place I am extremely happy with, in terms of the direction of my sound. It is a weird thing only playing “live” in the current musical landscape of social media driven influence. I feel a constant pressure to be delivering new and exciting music, and it can really be hard constantly writing and delivering for the fans. But overall, I feel I hit stride mid way through the year and wrote the best music of my life to date. I have yet to play it out in the club, but it is set up for 2018, and I am excited to start pushing it!

I received a fantastic message from a fan, and it was bang on what you hope to hear being a musician. It was re-affirmation of why I do what I do, and it just reminds you of why you started chasing your dreams in the first place.

The physical stress airplane travel and touring puts on the body. Brutal reminder that life is short, and you need to take care of your body.

Song of the year?
Damn this is a heavy one… Hmm, I really don’t know… OK, I am going with either “Find A Way” or “Midnight” by Terr. I just felt excited hearing her music this year, which for me, is quite rare in this day and age.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Health and happiness all the way. Clear mind, clear body, and some really f*&king good music.


Yehouda Silverman

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