2017 Rewind: Barbuto


How was 2017 for you?
Barbuto: 2017 has been my biggest year ever. I achieved some of my biggest DJ bucket list goals (still many to go however), learned a lot about my production flow in the studio as well as getting through long sleepless weekends on the road. I started my own monthly party in Austin at Ethics Music Lounge (a new rooftop spot with Void) every first Saturday. It’s doing really well and have had really good health thankfully.

I achieved a huge goal in getting signed to Christian Smith’s Tronic Music label. This was really special for me because Christian Smith was the first techno DJ I ever saw live back in 1999 in San Francisco. And the fact his label is number two techno print of all-time! I also made a stop in Sydney, Australia, which was my birthplace and the first time ever DJing in Australia. So yeah it was a huge year for me.

Absolutely none what so ever!

Song of the year?
Toughest question to answer….umm, well amongst so many bombs that came out this year if I had to pick just one it would be “Solace” by Pan-Pot, which technically came out in 2016 but not till the end of the year. I swear I played that track so much this last year I started to feel concerned I was playing it too much and would save it for special occasions or sneak it in places I knew people had not heard me play it [laughs]. I really love the groove and simplicity of that tune.

What’s your New Years resolution?
To improve, learn, get better, work harder, be more focused and keep having fun. I especially want to get my studio space completely dialed in for optimum mixing and creativity and get some mixing hardware and a nice new synth! I am also really hoping to travel to Europe to play in 2018.


Darren Ressler

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