2017 Rewind: Fabian Mazur

fabian mazur

How was 2017 for you?
Fabian Mazur: 2017 has been amazing for me. I’ve made a lot of new music, played in a lot of new countries and met a lot of new people! It’s basically been the best year of my life.

The highlight of my year has definitely been releasing these new tracks the past few months. I’ve been experimenting a lot with new sounds and genres and it’s been really amazing to see the reactions of my listeners. As a highlight I also have to mention being able to travel to Los Angeles to have sessions with songwriters and artists. It’s surreal to think that I get to travel halfway across the world to do what I love! Plus, it’s really cold in Denmark so I never complain about getting some heat in my life!

I don’t wanna say that my year hasn’t had any lows, but really there hasn’t been many awful things besides being stuck a few times in German Airports (thanks Air Berlin) and Arsenal not winning the Premier League. [laughs]

Song of the year?
Droeloe & San Holo’s “Lines Of The Broken.” It’s one of those tracks that you can chill to at home but also play out at shows. It just has a special vibe to it that’s really hard to explain! Other than that I feel like it’s been a good year in underground electronic music because I hear a lot of artists experiment more and break out of the boxes!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I have to be honest, I actually haven’t made one yet. But hey, it’s probably time to make one up now I guess. Let’s see… how about… In 2018 I will have a song on the Billboard Top 100 chart?!

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