2017 Rewind: Ilona Maras

Ilona Maras

How was 2017 for you?
Ilona Maras: I cannot complain. 😉 I made some great life decisions, did and released several good tunes, got on some of my favorite labels and collaborated with a few brilliant minds, travelled a lot for music, gigs, and came across some craziness out there which I love.

I believe I got more mature and refined when it comes to my music selection, creativity and overall experience with production and DJing. I moved to one of my favorite places on earth and reconnected with good souls around me. I am finally living in the nature, which inspires me greatly.

Starting again in the new environment can be challenging. My transitions were never too easy on me, pushing the career in the right direction, to basic life experiences (finding the apartment, new neighborhood, friends, etc.), adjusting to new rules and regulations (again), establishing new work relationships and reviving the old ones, finding a solid new studio to work in etc. It’s a bit time and energy consuming, which I would rather use for music. At the end, it’s necessary to go through it and it’s also minor. I somehow learnt to like it even when it’s tough. It brings the best out of me. On top of everything, I am lucky to have a great group of positive friends and family around, and that’s what really matters and keeps me going.

Song of the year?
That’s a hard one. There are plenty that took my heart this year:

Boxia – “Point of No Return”

Anton Dhouran – “Osmekha” (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)


Schaarup, Alfakat – “Made Of Love” (Andrea Martini Remix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
More music, more originals, more techno and add French to my language list.

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