2017 Rewind: Ashley Beedle

ashley beedle

How was 2017 for you? 
Ashley Beedle: From a producer/remixer’s point of view, it’s been brilliant. Working with the North Street crew – Darren Morris & Jo Wallace — completing untold North Street remixes for Blank & Jones, Steve Cobby, Greg Blackman feat. Duncan Mackay, Mr Bird, Tom Glide, D.B Cohen, Future Unit, The Dissent, Shea Face, Glenn Davis, Mute Noise, Stan Serkin, Strandtuch, Waterson, Frederick – it’s a big list! Then there’s all my solo production work (with Darren Morris), including my remix of “Unmask Me” by Mama for Hannah Holland’s Batty Bass label – Andrew Weatherall played it and caused an internet meltdown! From a DJ’s point of view, always good including guest sets on Worldwide FM and NTS Radio.

The radio shows on NTS Radio and Worldwide FM. The success of “Unmask Me” and Stan Serkin’s “Save Me.” The North Street remixes of “Old Skool Dayz,” “Soul Train” and “Never Trust Another Man” getting played on Tony Blackburn, Jeff Young & Trevor Nelson’s soul shows.

The closure of iconic clubs. People using their phones in clubs – put them down people and enjoy the moment! Not enough vinyl pressing plants and the majors clogging them up, preventing the independents from getting a look in.

Song of the year?
Thundercat – “Show You The Way” (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I never do them. I just pray for a better year for everybody and look forward to listening to more tracks and making marvelous music. Stay blessed!


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Darren Ressler

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