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Andre Salmon

Ecuador DJ/producer/engineer Andre Salmon is widely known in his country’s club music scene. The proprietor of four labels — Anima Somnis, Maniacs, Ouch! and Sagmen — he’s been gaining international attention by way of his top releases on Suara, VIVa Music, Get Physical, Leftroom, Repopulate Mars and HOTTRAX.

This month Salmon will present Daddy’s Little Girl, a smashing three-track EP for Mar-T’s Wow! Recordings. It’s available exclusively via Beatport on November 20 and everywhere else two weeks later.

Ahead of his new release we connected with Salmon and asked him to give us the lowdown on five tracks currently dominating his DJ sets

Andre Salmon – Da Thing (Original Mix) (Sagmen)
This song is one of my favorite tracks ever I made, and that’s why I decided to make the debut from this tune on my new vinyl label with my friend Aert Prog ‘SAGMEN.’ This track is pure energy. Rhe basslines are super groovy and the breakdowns will bring you back in time with the old-school synths! Super crazy vibes! This song also features my voice saying, “Tell me something about you that I don’t know, I know something about you that you don’t know.”

Flug – 1k (Truncate Ghetto Jack Remix)
There is almost nothing to say about Flug — his music says it all! I’m a super fan of him and his back catalogue, and this tune is one of my favorites of all time! Big massive claps and straight cuts with vocals that destroy your head on the dance floor!

Heiko Laux & Steve Rachmad – The Viking (Original Mix) (Soma Records)
Another artist I’m a big fan of is Heiko Laux, and this collaboration with Steve Rachmad is just fantastic. This is one of my secret weapons I keep at the ready at my gigs!

Robert Hood – Who Taught You Math? (Original Mix) (Freak N Chic)
This is one of my top artists and one of my top labels ever, this guy is a killer! Every single, song, release, remix, tune, EP that he brings to the world is just amazing! This is one of my favorite productions ever by him, it has a super housey vibe with a lil techy-minimalistic groove.

Jamie Jones – Snake Pit (Original Mix) (Crosstown Rebels)
For me this is one of the best songs ever by my big mate, Jamie Jones. His vibe is so solid and hypnotic on the dance floor; the way he used to produce in that time was just amazing. He used to be one of my big inspirations. He also has many more masterpieces but this is my fave alongside “It’s Scary Down Here,” released on one of my favorite labels ever, Freak N Chic!

image by Diego Torall; image consulting: Gabby Díaz post & production: @Blackmilklivestylephotography

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