Big Freedia Talks LCD Soundsystem Tour & Teases New Music


A progenitor of bounce music, New Orleans’ Big Freedia (a.k.a. The Queen of Bounce) is currently riding high thanks to the success of the breakthrough reality show Big Freedia Bounces Back, airing on Fuse TV. An artist with many professional irons in the fire, this month Freedia is touring with the reunited dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem.

Fortunately for us we were able to connect with Freedia and got to ask about how the tour came together and what fans can expect for her highlyy twerktastic live show.

Freedia also gave me advice on how to deal with my bitterness over LCD’s reunion, which came after DFA Records honcho James Murphy swore up and down that the band’s final show at Madison Square Garden in 2011 would be their last. What’s more is that Freedia hinted at new music on the horizon, though no details were offered.

Check out the interview below and catch Big Freedia opening for LCD Soundsystem at Knight Center in Miami, FL on October 25; Bomb Center on October 30; and 360 Ampitheater in Austin, TX on October 31.

How did the Queen of Bounce come to tour with LCD Soundsystem? Did the stars simply align? Have you crossed paths in the past during your many travels?
Big Freedia: My manager worked his magic on this one, but I discovered LCD Soundsystem a few years ago and have loved their music. I love being paired up with the unexpected because it gets people thinking!

Do you have a favorite LCD song?
“Dance Yourself Clean”

What can fans expect to see at these shows? How do your opening sets differ from headlining gigs?
Fans can expect the full Big Freedia show. All my shakers are on tour with me and fans will get a show with all its shaking and bouncing so they are fully prepared for LCD!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from your show is that you’re wise, so maybe you can help me with a problem. LCD Soundsystem broke up in 2011. I was a HUGE, HUGE fan and made a lot of effort to attend their final show at Madison Square Garden. James Murphy SWORE the band was done and would never reunite. But that wasn’t the case and I can’t seem to let it go because I feel duped. Freedia, what should I do?
I think you need to come out to one of the shows and shake your a****. I promise you will have no more worries at that point and will be able to fully enjoy the reunion!

Times are stressful for a lot of us Americans. How are you keeping it together in the wake of so much negativity in our country?
Serving others. I try to focus on helping out when I can, whether it’s a fundraiser for hurricane relief or Race for the Cure event. Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine because there seems to be no end to this craziness.

You’re busy with your show and touring. Is there any new music on the horizon?
Oh yes, I have some big news on this that will be announced very soon. Stay tuned.

Darren Ressler

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