Amy dB 5 Tracks of the Moment

Amy dB

Singing and playing piano since the age six, music has been a constant thread in the life of Chicago native Amy db. Her musical studies laid the groundwork for her career as a DJ/producer. She’s gone on to champion a warm, life-affirming sound that encompasses electronica, tech- and progressive house. Whether behind the boards, spinning at clubs or helming her Redemption mix show on Frisky Radio, Amy’s sound is something to truly behold.

Fresh from releasing The Revered / Ibizaaa EP on Stan Kolev and his production producer and friend Matan Caspi’s Outta Limit Recordings, Amy elevates her production career to the next level. Her EP is brimming with emotive deep-tech goodness. Kolev contributes a mind-bending remix of “The Revered” and Yuriy From Russia peppers “Ibizaaa” with an extra dose of euphoria.

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We checked in with Amy and asked her to share her tracks of the moment. She was more than happy to comply!

Brian Cid – Pluto (Original Mix)
I love starting out a proper deep electronica set with a true progressive beauty. A dark tantalizing melodic bassline sizzles and drives the moody ambiance featuring flickering melodic electronic guitars and violins splashing through punching kick drums and a symphonic cadenza. The natural rise and fall of the track immediately pulls the listener onto a journey ascending into the heavens. This is close to production perfection as one can find!

Stan Kolev – Arpeggios (Original Mix)
This is the perfect combination of deep tech with soul-inspired electronica that tugs at your inner core. This track, banging and elevating, takes you on a mystical synth and arps voyage. The break and build is reminiscent of the late ’90s/early ’00s were melodic electronica was at its peak. Think Nick Warren meets BT meets legend Robert Babicz. This is a fire starter on the dance floor.

Pole Folder – Hollow (Robert Babicz Remix)
Maestro Robert Babicz blows it out of the ballpark with this infectious vocal stunner from few years back, but I just love it. It has the perfect blend of analogue synths and refined vocals, sure to jumpstart any set. The Moog basslines, progressive moodiness, and synths with symphonies carry you higher and higher through the cosmos.

Matan Caspi – Eau de Groove (Original)
Matan interjects soul at the perfect time when you are thinking there is not much more going on than the typical techy dark loops. Suddenly, incredible layers of wavy synths, sexy femme riffs, and dynamics of strings all lead to the epiphany moment of an awe-inspired progressive sublimation. This is sure to please all music aficionados, especially fans of darker electronica.

Amy dB – Ibizaaa (Original Mix)
I designed this track with Ibiza’s techno scene in mind while amalgamating my yearning for more progressive house melody lines. It’s how I’d define a quintessential electronica track; a peak track that appeals across the techno, house, trance and progressive spectrums. In other words, a track that unites fans of electronica, one and the same.

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