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Back in May we premiered “I Saw It” from São Paulo minimal techno master Pedro Turra’s Slow Dancer EP. It’s a four-track affair full of spellbinding synths, funky basslines and trippy grooves issued under his Click Box alias on Silencio Music.

Having released music on lauded imprints including Richie Hawtin’s M_nus and Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce’s Items & Things, Turra’s latest sonic excursion shows his limitless musical chops and paints a sonic portrait of a producer who is clearly not interested in repeating himself.

We checked in with Turra and asked him to share five cuts that are currently decimation his dance floors. Spoiler alert: one of the cuts is from his latest EP!

Kito Kusunoki – Under Anesthesia
Super funky track! It’s not an easy track to play but when you use this one in the right time it’s a complete BOMB!

Deep, dub, dark and warm, this one sounds fresh and classic at the same time, which for me is a great mix. The perfect blend of warm, analogue sound.

Click Box – N2
Normally I never chart a track from myself but this track means a lot to me and represents both my new musical direction and my roots in electronic music. This is definitely one of the best tracks I’ve ever done. I love the deep chords and the pads in it. I recorded this track totally live inside my old console, and the track is like a infinite but perfect loop. A perfect peak-time track at an afterparty or inside a dark club!

B. Roger Gerressen – Leafs
I love this one! Nice deep chords, trippy sounds and a track that’s super intelligent but also simple at the same time.

Laughing Man & Noah Skelton – Element
I’m playing this EP from my label friends a lot – and have been for a while now. I always have good moments on the dance floor when I play this track!

Darren Ressler

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