Where to Go & What to See at Miami Music Week

Anyone who has been to Miami during Miami Music Week, Ultra Music Festival or Winter Music Conference (that’s still a thing, right?) can attest to how taxing it can be for those jetting back-and-forth from South Beach to Downtown to see their favorite DJs. While there’s nothing wrong with getting your party on while in Miami, it would be a shame if all you did was eat terrible, overpriced pizza on Washington Avenue when Liberty City has so much to offer.

To get a local’s perspective, we turned to Miami transplant and progressive house DJ/producer Stan Kolev. Hailing from Bulgaria, Kolev, who recently helmed a Big Shot Guest Mix boasting his recent floor filler “Fill Me Up” featuring Sula Mae, has called the city home for over two decades. Below he shares places every festival attendee should check out while in town.

What are your DJ plans for Miami Music Week?
Stan Kolev: So far, I have one party booked on Wednesday March 22nd at Kill Your Idol
(The old Blue) for Dutchie Music, a Miami-based label that I’ve worked with for the last 11 years. Two more dates to be confirmed. Latest details here.

Since you now live in Miami, we’d like you to provide some insider tips for those coming to party.
I moved to Miami in 1991, almost 26 years ago. A lot has changed since then! There are many more clubs now but the vibe has changed. It’s more commercial and mainstream. Not my cup of tea, but there are still good underground parties on Saturdays at Story and Space.

Which is the go-to club now?
For my taste, I would say Story and Space.

What’s the best place to chill out and get away from it all in Miami?
That would have to be the beaches on the Keys.

Who has the best Cuban food?
Larios on the Beach.

Best hotel pool?
I love the Delano pool and the hotel in general. It’s classic.

Where’s your favorite place for a late-night meal? Grab a cocktail?
Segafredo, South Beach.

Favorite destination: South Beach, Wynwood or Downtown?
South Beach and some of Wynwood.

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