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Malta-born Jewel Kid (a.k.a. J.J. Mejlak) has made a name for himself via his Alleanza label, using the imprint as a platform to release music from like-minded technocrats Popof, Pig&Dan, Alex Bau, Enrico Sangiuliano, Luigi Madonna, and Mauro Picotto.

Embracing a tough, hard-sitting techno sound that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, he’s also released choice cuts on Suara, Soma, Tronic, Sleaze, and Break New Soil.

Fresh from issuing “Behind These Walls” b/w “Perimeters” on Gynoid in January, today he drops the Road Not Taken EP on Sleaze Records. Fortunately for us on this side of the pond is news that the Kid will touch down next month in the U.S. for a quickie two-date DJ trek.

Ahead of his brief stateside excursion, we checked in with Jewel Kid and asked him to share his five favorite tracks of the moment. Find them below listed in no particular order.

Jewel Kid plays Crowbar in Boise, Idaho, on March 3 and The Underground Lounge in El Paso, Texas, on March 4.

Jonas Kopp – “Akut”
Jonas is a great musician and definitely one of my favorite figures emerging from Argentina. I really like the straightforward sequence of this track and have been playing it to great response in every set.

Flug & Miki Craven – “If You Missed It”
This whole EP that Flug and Miki did is first-class, and the leading track of this package is one of my favorite cuts of 2016. The drum programming of this track is in perfect form, with addictive rolling snares that sound impeccable on a powerful PA.

This guy has been releasing some serious stuff on Flash Recordings and this particular track elevates the atmosphere of the club to a whole new dimensions. It has been a while since I discovered such a strong track which hasn’t got a 4/4 beat.

Monoloc – “Gipson” (SHDW & Obscure Shape Remix)
These guys had a great run last year, and I’m really looking forward to what they will be delivering this year. This track is a work of art and the immense atmosphere it carries works perfect toward the end of a set.

Basic Frame – “Untitled F”
These guys are extremely talented, and I’m really glad to have them do our first Alleanza release of this year. “Untitled F” is a very well-crafted track with remarkable synth lines at 133 BPM, making it one of my favorites from what we have coming up on Alleanza this year.

Darren Ressler

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