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Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. In 2015 Alexander Aurel was enlisted by My Favourite Freaks to remix Danny Serrano’s “Rafting Rafting In Kayak.” Serrano was so pleased with the outcome that he asked Aurel if he’d like to collaborate.

After dropping “Pusher” on Leena/Mobilee last year, Aurel returns to the label with “Collapse,” a bristling cut he co-produced with Serrano. (The EP also boasts a solo track from each producer, respectively.)

With the release doing damage on the charts and plenty more irons in the fire, we asked Aurel about five producers who inspire him.

Maceo Plex
Maceo is an amazing producer. His tracks sound really fat and nearly every one is catchy. There are many tracks released these days, but the most are only tool tracks. You play them and afterwards you forget them quickly. Maceo’s productions stay in your mind. I don’t play a lot of his productions during my club sets, but at the after-hours they are great. A perfect sound to create emotions and memories! “Sleazy E” was the first track of Maceo that caught my attention and from that moment I started to follow him.

Gregor Tresher
I’m a big fan of Gregor since he started to release on Datapunk. I played a lot of his tunes and he is one of the producers who is constantly developing his sound. Even if he is producing a sound right now that does not fit perfectly to my sets, he is still one of my top producers. My latest favorite track from Gregor was the title track of his latest album, Quiet Distortion, a track that has some spirit from his early times on Datapunk.

Rafa FL
I’ve played records from Rafa in heavy rotation for months. I love his pushy floor orientated sound! I’m happy that he delivers so many weapons for the dance floor.

Max Chapman
I discovered Max a few months ago, and I love his energetic Tech-house. He keeps the floors busy with his tunes. “Freaks Come Out” was my starting point to follow him, and then freaked out many times while playing it!

My last pick is my 8bit label boss, Gorge. He has a fantastic, constant high-class output! I’ve played many of his tunes and when he is releasing a track you can be sure to find this later on some top chart positions.

Darren Ressler

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