Horace Dan D 5 Tracks of the Moment

Horace Dan D

Horace Dan D has long led the way in his country’s electronic music scene. As a DJ specializing in techno, he’s played all over Europe thanks to a reputation reinforced by top-notch releases on labels including Vertigo Records, Vernon Blvd Records, Skills Records and 069 Techno.

On December 16 he’ll release the Do You Feel It EP on Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou label, a taut, ambitious track that goes straight for the jugular which is complemented by a smoldering remix by Martin Books. Ahead of the EP’s release we checked in with the Romanian technocrat and asked him to tell us about five tunes currently rocking his world.

1. Moby – “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” (Enrico Sangiuliano Rmx)
First of all, the original track itself is a masterpiece. I was amazingly surprised by the remix made by Enrico Sangiuliano, where he brings his new techno wave touch. He made it so intense for the dance floors of the world while also keeping the deep spirit of the original track. It’s simply amazing!

2. Enrico Sangiuliano – “Ghettoblaster”
I gotta say that Enrico is on fire! This year’s productions are exceptional. “Ghettoblaster” blends the old broken beats (coming from the jungle days) with today’s techno direction set by the Drumcode artists. The sampled voice combined with the structure of the track will put a smile on your face and raise your heart rate.

3. Alex Bau – “Illuse”
Arriving after “On Synth,” this is the second bomb released by Alex Bau on the well-known Cocoon Recordings. Intense and hypnotic, the track is proper for a trip on the techno dance floors.

4. Wehbba – “Flux”
This track flows so well! It has very shaking rhythms with a taste of funk in it. Definitely is rocking the clubs!

5. Jack Master – “Bang the Box” (Slam Remix)
This track is for the underground techno lovers. Slam reshaped the old ’90s track by Richie Hawtin in a manner that is updated to today’s techno sound. There’s no way not to see a techno crowd jumping in the air to this track!

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