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It’s been a transformative year for Berlin-based house DJ/producer Denite. Known for running Redlight Music and recording for esteemed imprints including Diynamic, Get Physical and Third Ear, he released his debut album, Everything I Know And I Will Never Know About You, in May. Though he’s known for his exploits in deep and tech-house, his full-length, which was produced in New York, Spain and Berlin, portrays the many other sides to his musical personality. His eclectic ethos makes perfect sense when you consider the wide range of artists who’ve influenced his body of work.

Little Richard – “Tutti Frutti”
Maybe the first musical memory I have is Little Richard track as a soundtrack for one of the Donald Duck episodes when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. I remember I kept asking my mother to play it again and again for hours. I loved the energy and happiness of this melodies and how they made me feel.

Marvin Gaye – “Sexual Healing”
Another of my first musical memories. I remember this track was playing in my mother’s car in the ’80s from a cassette she had. Now that I know the lyrics maybe it was not the best track for a kid at that moment as I was going around singing it, but it is still one of my most precious musical memories.

Alpha Blondy – “Brigadier Sabari”
Alpha Blondy and other reggae icons influenced my childhood. Maybe one of the most special ones, besides Bob Marley, is no doubt this track of Alpha Blondie. Is very special to me as it also connects my childhood memories with my brother and Mehdi, one of my best friends.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Give It Away”
This track from Red Hot Chili Peppers, from their Blood Sugar Sex Magic album, had such an effect on me the first time I listened to it that I bought a guitar and started to learn to play it. It was the very beginning of my band adventure that continued for about 10 years. And that made me a much more complete musician nowadays.

Silverchair – “The Door”
This band from Australia was one of my main influences when I was a teenager. During this time I was playing guitar in bands and this sound really got my attention. There are so many tracks of theirs that I love, and this is a good example.

St. Germain – “Rosse Rouge”
The first two St. Germain albums shocked me. They were the perfect fusion between jazz and electronic music—just amazing. I love how the trumpets can transport you somewhere else along the track. It is just magic! I was—and I still am—very influenced by these albums. “Roses Rouge” is maybe the most special track, but it will very difficult to decide the best or the most influential St. Germain song.

Daft Punk – “Revolution 909”
The ultra known French duo really got my attention with their first two albums. Especially in the rave-techno tracks they were producing in the beginning. I still play it from time to time.

Thievery Corporation – “Lebanese Blonde”
This band has a strong connection with my roots music. “Lebanese Blonde” is probably their best hit. And for me a very special track that reminds me my time living in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Klint – “Diamont” (Snatch OST)
Snatch is a brilliant movie from Guy Ritchie, and so it is its soundtrack. I remember listening to it again and again during my time in the University in Valencia (Spain). This track from Klint is probably the one that influenced me the most. I love the bassline and the power of the drums.

Phoneheads – “Roll That Stone”
In the beginning of the ’00s I was also playing drum ‘n’ bass. “Buddy Language” from Phoneheads was one of the most complete albums at that time for me. It just got me. This track will be in my memory from my time in Mainz (Germany) forever.

Alter Ego – “Rocker”
In the beginning of the ’00s I was very into the “new” electro sound that was coming back at that time. It was the time when my first electronic music productions happened. “Rocker” from Alter Ego was one of the tracks that really inspired me at that time.

Tomas Andersson – “Washing Up” (Tiga Remix)
This great remix from Tiga for Berlin label BPitch Control was one of my top 5 in the 00’, when I was producing Electro. Tiga gives also a “special touch” in everything he does. And this dance floor killer wasn’t an exception.

Booka Shade – “In White Rooms”
This is by far one of my favorite tunes of all-time when it comes to DJing and inspiration. The whole Movements album is a brilliant piece of electronic music, and I could easily include in this selection other tracks from it. But this has taken number one spot. I love the synth vibes that along with the drums groove get the track to a higher level. I always have this vinyl in my bag when I play, and I love the effect when you play this track with the first light of the morning after a long night.

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