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Argy (a.k.a. Argyris Theofilis) has developed a reputation for crafting sublime house and techno offerings for top labels including like Cadenza, Poker Flat, BPitch Control and Ibadan Records. A versatile DJ/producer who consistently puts forth fresh ideas, the secret of his success lies in the way he draws influence from a breadth of dance floor styles. The Greek-born, London-based creative’s recent retrospective collection, Chronographic, offers tracks by Luciano and Timo Maas to DJ Gregory and Jerome Sydenham. What’s more is that profits from sales benefit New Alternatives, a NYC organization which provides food and shelter to the homeless, the mentally ill and anyone dealing with LGBT-oriented discrimination.

Ahead of what another busy summer season filled with high-profile gigs and various exploits in Ibiza, we asked Argy to share five of his current tracks of the moment.

1. Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland – “Transport”
My favorite track from their album on Tresor! I can hear elements from both artists on it and it’s also one of the most functional cuts on this LP. I DJ’d with Juan Atkins at a record store in Tokyo years ago and he was spinning with Moritz in the most unusual and interesting context. Nice to see them working together again!

2. Parris Mitchell – “The Claps” (B1)
Gorgeous record! Monster disco with heavy beats and naughty vocals! Major summer record.

3. Deep’a & Biri – “3 Forms Of Sadness”
My friends Deep’a and Biri!’s beautiful record on Derrick’s [Transmat] label by two very talented guys from Israel who also happen to be amazing people. All three tracks on the EP are great. I just picked this one because of the title.

4. June – “Lost Area” (DJ Sprinkles’ Lost Dancefoor)
Extremely proud that this project came out on my label, These Days Records. DJ Sprinkles on top form, remixing one the best Greek artists at the moment, June. I am confident we will be listening to this record in 50 years from now and it will sound relevant and as stunning.

5. Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien – “Never Again” (Original Mix)

Just discovered this! Where have I been? Just found out about this record from a Frankie Feliciano compilation that just came out. Beautiful heartbreak-house record. Kenny has written many songs, of course, but they are not all on the same level as this is. Definitely in his top 5 in my opinion.

Darren Ressler

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