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Pig&Dan Modular Baptism

We’ve sung the praises of techno titans Pig&Dan countless times over the years for quite good reason. With each production or remix the dynamic duo comprised of Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua take their sound to the next level, never disappointing and always exceeding expectations.

On March 25 the duo will unveil their fourth full-length album, Modular Baptism, on their Elevate label. A departure from the ambient textures they explored on 2014’s Destination Unknown, their latest and greatest finds them exploring their modular roots within the context of techno. Before the album’s release we asked the guys to share five songs they can’t get enough of.

Joeski ​- ​“Blue Bus” (​Maya)
This track has such a warmth to it and invites all who hear into its depth. The vocals of course are the icing on the cake. We used the very same samples back in 2003 and his use of them is genius.

​​Markus Suckut​ – ​“Watching The Sunset” ​(Be As One)
​Simplicity at its best, this track loops around your brain just as it should. We love dropping tracks like this in our sets to entice people to dive into loopy land for a while.

Monika Kruse ​- ​“Highway No. 4“ (Skober Remix) (Terminal M)
We love Monika Kruse and Skober so it was clear that this was going to be a massive remix. The original is a hard one to beat but Skober did a damn good job adding all the chunkiness he’s renowned for.

Cristoph ​-​ “Genesis“ ​(Truesoul)
Massive anthem goodness from start to end. Very well done without a sign of cheese in there. Love this track — it’s proper.

Pig&Dan​ -​ “Growler“ ​(Diynamic)
Didn’t want to add a track from ourselves; however this track seems to work well out there on the dance floor therefore we thought we would slap in the list for those people who don’t know our work. Check out the madness we hope you dig it.

Darren Ressler

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