Will Monotone’s 5 Tracks of the Moment

Will Monotone

Boston DJ/producer Will Monotone has just released his sprawling full-length debut, In Colour. Produced with great care over the span of three years, the 21-track endeavor features collaborations with Wally Lopez, Steve Porter, Demuir, J Paul Getto, Daniel Dubb, Mike Swells, Blythe, Mouzakis, Sarah Escapé and D-Lux & J Neezzy. Before kicking off his album tour on February 6 at Silver Street And The Cellar in Derry, Ireland, we caught up with Monotone and asked him about five hot records on his radar.

Will Monotone’s In Colour is out now on Sub Society.

1. Weiss (UK)
I’ve been a huge fan of Richard’s new Weiss project since its inception. “Rollin” is a great track overall and I love the quirky sounds, arrangement and it’s a massive stomper.

2. Redlight UK
J Paul Getto turned me onto this record a few weeks ago. The vocal is super catchy. I’m a huge fan of how simple the production is and has a great groove to it.

3. Santé
Santé is one of my top five favorite producers, so really any of his records I’m a fan of. I love the nostalgic feel it has with the vocal and his grooves are always raw and on point.

4. J Paul Getto & Joey Chicago
Disco house is my guilty pleasure. Although I don’t play a ton of it, I have huge respect for the sampling process it takes to create them. J Paul Getto & Joey nailed it with this one. It’s a super fun and energetic record.

5. Jansons
“Trust in You” has a super gritty feel to it and almost reminds me a bit of some old Mike Monday records. Not stuff you hear to often nowadays, so it caught my ear. Jansons did a great job with it.

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