Roseau’s 5 Tracks of the Moment


Talented singer/songwriter/producer Roseau, a.k.a. Kerry Leatham, has been making waves for some time now, appearing on albums by Lapalux and DELS, touring with Lianne La Havas, Lucy Rose and Laura Mvula and guesting on “One Thing” (Amerie Cover Version) by Peter And Kerry found on Bonobo’s Late Night Tales. In September Big Dada released the Londoner’s debut album, Salt, which showcases a production prowess that’s wise beyond her years and songs that are inspiring and deeply emotional. We checked in with Leatham and asked to talk up five tunes that are currently rocking her world.

1. The Naked Eye – “Sweet Boy”
The Naked Eye have got some old skool groove elements in their music that I find utterly addictive. I’m in love in particular with “Sweet Boy.”

2. Michael Ozone’s Liital Rhythm – “Aby Ngana Diop” Remixes
This one is a label is from Awesome Tapes From Africa, a label I’m particularly hooked on.

3. Cornelia – “Oh Well”
I just love the warmth and dreaminess of this track; it totally transports you. Kind of reminds me of playing Kirby’s Dream Land on the Gameboy in the early ’90s.

4. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – “Pass The Cat”
Jaako Eino Kalevi is a weirdo genius. No more to be said.

5. Jumpswim w/ Ninna Lundberg – “Fall Out Of Love”
Lastly, this is a good song to listen to in the morning, a little bit of lefty pop.

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