Onionz x Funk D’Void: The Big Shot Interview


New York City house master Onionz and Barcelona-based techno legend Funk D’Void have crossed paths many times, remixing each other’s tracks over the years. This week both esteemed mixers will grace the decks at Electrik Soul NYC, a party helmed by Onionz’s label featuring Big Apple jocks DJ Spun, Eli Escobar and Lemar Soulflower. When we heard about the event we convinced Onionz to put on his reporter hat and ask Funk D’Void a few questions. What transpired was a fantastic meeting of the minds.

Electrik Soul NYC takes place in NYC on July 18 at a secret location in Brooklyn. Get more information here or contact electriksoulnyc@gmail.com.

Onionz: Great to get a chance to catch up with ya brother. Just a little background so people know. You and I have done several projects together: My remix of your “Gimlet” track on Soma; you remixed my “Woman Of The Sun” track on Om Records, and you had a single come out on Electrik Soul, “Safado.” A few questions here for Big Shot before we rock together at the Electrik Soul NYC event on July 18 in Brooklyn. It seems that you are master of ping pong but recently had some difficulties with Robin Porter of Immigrant Music. Would you care to expand on that?

Funk D’Void: To be honest, we’re pretty equally matched…but we show our personal strengths in different environments. Basically, Robin is only good indoors and has no game when it comes to street pong (being a NYC boy yourself, I’m sure you can relate!). So basically we’re masters of different thrones right now. He got game though, no doubt. You frontin’? We can make time.

Aeeight. On the serious tip, being that you are a master of house and techno, any hard truths or advice to the young producers out there?

I guess the best advice I can give is find your own path, shut out all the noise and distraction out there and externalize any negativity you might begin to feel by immersing yourself into the culture the way it is now. Oh yeah, and limit your online use if possible. Internet is the biggest killer of creativity there is.

What kind of studio gear are you using at the moment? What’s working best for you?

I’m still rocking the Roland museum of original modules, synths and machines, but I’m having fun with all this new Elektron gear too — it breaks down all the barriers and gives you a fresh look on coming up with hooks and sounds. I’ve still got a soft spot for my little Yamaha Tenori-on — it doubles as an alarm clock too. Which is nice.

ES_Flyer_7-18-2015 Inst

How’s the new album looking? Can you talk about it? If so, are there any collaborations lined up? And what label will it be coming out on?

I’m using Mark Bell again with a collaboration with Italian producer Heartik; it’s a male/female duet that needs to be worked out as I’ve created it from two separate projects, but it’s in kinda like 4Hero meets Philly in the sound [with] real crossover potential. Also, Alexander Kowalski has added some flavor to the LP as well. I’m toying with some other possibilities but hopefully this will be wrapped up soon. My Tweakers project (along with Andres Aguirre) will have something in there as well. Overall, it’s packing an emotional wallop, physically and spiritually… for me if there’s no blood, sweat and tears heard in the recording then it ain’t worth doing. It’s coming out on Soma this year.

It’s been a minute since you’ve been to NYC, and I saw that you were just out in LA. We are amped to have you in the best city in the world. What do you have in store for us? You know Brooklyn loves their techno — are you ready to serve the funk up?

It’s all good in my eyes. LA was crazy. I hadn’t played that hard since I was a young pup in the ’90s. Full throttle for Brooklyn baby! You know I’m ready for this.

Do you want to talk about your new big plans in Barcelona? I think the world might want to hear about that! Break it down for us brother.

I’m working a lot to bring the Soma label more in Spain, especially in Barcelona of course, as we have a great showcase package to represent with great new acts like Charles Fencer onboard. Plus, there maybe an Ibiza residency in the cards for me too — basically a great wee spot for me and my friends to play whatever the hell we want! Win!

Last but not least, can we get an amen to another single on Electrik Soul this year?

Oh yes, that’s for sure! I need a new hoodie and a T-shirt too. Holla!

Darren Ressler

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