ME & her’s 5 Tracks of the Moment

ME & her

Swiss misses Phuong and Jen are bringing a fresh sensibility to the dance floor. As ME & her they’ve eschewed all things commercial in favor of a quixotic blend of underground house and techno. Over the past year or so they’ve brought their DJ skills to top clubs and festivals including Sankeys Ibiza, Sisyphos in Berlin, ISF Festival and Gate Clubbing in Italy, Lightbox in London and Carpe Diem Beach in Croatia.

This month the rising duo will release their Lost EP on OFF Recordings, a three-cut affair whose sultry title track showcases Billie Fountain on vocals and flaunts a wicked remix by the Berlin-based juggernaut known as Nakadia. The instrumental “April” finds them exploring a techier sound that hints at even greater things to come.

With a tour of India and gigs across Berlin and beyond on their schedule, we caught up with the talented twosome and asked them to share their five favorite dance floor cuts of the moment.

ME & her’s Lost EP is released June 8 on OFF Recordings. On June 6 catch them at Go Deeva Showcase at Palm Beach and Clarisse Showcase at Blue Marlin in Ibiza.

1. Melokolektiv Darlyn Vlys feat. Forrest – “Change Of Mind” (OFF Recordings)
We are big fans of thoughtful vocals and melancholic and spherical melodies and sound elements. So this one goes directly into our hearts and speaks out of our souls. OFF Recordings is taking a completely new direction with darker, deeper techno and has signed lots of tracks and artists with great potential. “Change of Mind” is one of these releases we are fully supporting.

2. Dubspeeka – “K241Z” (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) (Last Night On Earth)
Two months ago Dubspeeka’s Angel EP was released. The Alan Fitzpatrick remix is our favorite one from that EP. It’s very moving and forward-thinking with a beautiful atmosphere which makes us close our eyes and dance while playing.

3. Sailor & I – “Sweat” (DJ Tennis & Margot Remix) (Ultra)
If we have to name our Top 5 at the moment we should definitely not forget about this one. Sailor & I always meet our expectations with their songwriting, and the vocals are always touching. DJ Tennis & Margot did an amazing job with their remix. The build-up is extremely strong and gives us goosebumps while playing it to the crowd.

4. Cirez D – “On Off” (Mouseville)
This one is a bit older so it was hard to find the original upload, but we play this track in nearly every set. We always mix it with “Working Late” by Trent Cantrelle; then we start with “On Off” before the main break of “Working Late” ’cause we loop the vocals saying “Together” with the dope build-up of “On Off.” That’s the perfect instrument for us to hype the people dancing because the phrase saying “More time to appreciate each other. That’s what we need together …. together …. together“ gives us a connection to the crowd and the people know that ”together” means us with the crowd. In the end we mix “On Off” out with Anna’s banger track “Unique” which has super strong amazing vocals saying, “Unique … is what you are. Unique is what you see.” This message goes out to the people on the floor as we always try to tell a story with our music saying, “We are all part of a big thing and together we can reach a lot. We all are unique and perfect the way we are. Be authentic and always follow your dreams.” That’s our message with our music.

5. Sean Roman, Ali Black – “Remember” (Cr2 Underground)
How does it feel to be on acid? Well, we actually don’t know because we don’t do drugs but we think it feels like the emotions you get while listening to this track. We always try to make people feel high with our sets. So this track is definitely the perfect transmitter for getting high from music!

Darren Ressler

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