Miami Music Week 2015: Day 4 Recap

Miami from the bay

We hadn’t planned on venturing into Miami during this entire trip, except going to and from the airport, but with a scattered selection of parties in South Beach and then Option B: the Cosmic Gate Sunset Cruise party staring at us and calling our names, we just couldn’t say ‘no’ to Option B.

Meeting at 1:45pm for sign-in, and setting sail at 3:00pm sharp, we gathered with the growing crowd at the launching point with approximately 200 of our closest friends who were obviously ready for a great day of party cruising.

Cosmic Gate party people

Welcomed onboard by a friendly crew and a table of complimentary “greeting cocktails” of punch and vodka, it was six hours of three artists, light fare for purchase, complimentary top shelf open bar (for all six hours) and a cruise into the most magnificent sunset experience of a lifetime.

Cosmic Gate

Asked a month ago by the Cosmic Gate duo to play along side them on their sunset cruise, and with the support of his family, it was an opportunity Washington D.C.’s own Roberto Gonzalez could not pass.

He opened his set with White Apple Tree “Snowflakes” (Ping Pong remix) that established the perfect atmosphere and mood for the adventure to come. Still on that theme he went on to play Jose Gonzalez “Crosses” (Dinnerdate remix) and a magical remix of Wankelmut & Emma Louise “My Head Is A Jungle.” Cue up those three tracks alone, close your eyes, and imagine you’re on a sunset cruise, or on the beach, or in a tropical setting. In your mind they’ll really whisk you away to that place away from your day-to-day and you’ll practically feel and smell that fresh, ocean air. I don’t know how he managed to fashion a perfectly fitting mix, track after magical track, but it was heaven on earth (on the ocean).

Cosmic Gate, familiar with what their cruise sets have to offer, seemed busting to get on and share their set with the crowd of party revelers. Once on DJ duties the duo wowed the crowd with Above & Beyond “All Over The World” and Haxxy “Sophie” (Andrea Bertolini Remix.) Again, theirs proved to be a perfect example of the ideal stream of track selections to compliment the environment of the vibrant sunset, the ocean air, and the intimate but carousing crowd. Moments of subtle listing of the boat brought cheers of nervous exhilaration from the crowd but quickly passed without a lapse of reveling. Cosmic Gate went on to play their own “Yai” featuring JES on vocals, their storytelling “Over The Rainbow,” “Wild And Perfect Day” with the sultry vocals of Sarah Bettens, and another Cosmic Gate hit “Be Your Sound.” They began to wind down (if you could call it that,) with “On My Way To Heaven” and the inspirational “So Get Up.”

Ilan Bluestone closed out the night with his production hit “Ben Ben”, his collaboration with Jerome Isma Ae “Under My Skin,” and a remix of Bastille “Pompeii.” Only heard live courtesy of Anjuna artists (due to contractual agreement until the tour is over) we were treated (and it was indeed a treat) to the Maor Levi and Kevin Wild remix of London Grammar’s “Wasting My Young Years.” It practically caused tears of joy from the sheer glory that track has to offer, but also due to the fact that we began our (unfortunate) journey back to the docking point and back to reality.

The sunset cruise (this sunset cruise) might be one of the best events I’ve ever personally attended during Miami Music Week. It’s that perfect combination of electronic dance music (which is why many of us are down here in Miami and South Beach this time of year in the first place,) all while out in the setting of the open water, which reminds us that we’re in vacation mode. After so many glorious years attending Miami Music Week, how did I never do this before now? How will I ever party on dry land again? How will I ever do this again since word keeps spreading about the epicness of these amazing boat cruises and they will possibly become one of the hottest tickets in town? I think we’re going to need a bigger boat.

Images by Kathy Vitkus (@edmforlife)

Kathy Vitkus

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