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Fresh from co-appearing on the funky Experience EP along with Patrick Alavi on his Outcross label, Leeds-based house DJ/producer Miguel Campbell (pictured) has ventured across the pond once again to play a handful of select DJ dates in America. Remixing high-profile artists like Basement Jaxx coupled with his alliance with Hot Creations not to mention issuing tracks by Wolf+Lamb and Future Classic on his bespoke label has no doubt upped Campbell’s global profile.

We checked in with Campbell via e-mail and found out how his stateside jaunt is shaping up.

Catch Miguel Campbell at The Mid in Chicago on March 6 and Bardot in Miami on March 7.

Welcome back to America. How’s your U.S. tour going so far and what can fans expect to hear in your stateside sets?

Miguel Campbell: Thanks. It is great to be back! I always enjoy coming to America and experiencing the way you guys do things. It’s great to play to the different crowds from state to state as you get a real idea as to what kind of music people are into in their area. I always try to mix up my shows and play different types of sounds within my DJ sets. I have a lot of new music to play from the Outcross Records team. New tracks by Iain O’Hare, Matt Hughes, T-Boy, PopArt, and I am also road testing some of the tracks from my forthcoming album on 2020vision.

What’s been the best meal in the U.S. so far?

I’m not sure that it has been the “best” meal but the one I have enjoyed the most was Billy Simms BBQ in Detroit!

Does travel inspire your creativity at all? Do you dabble with music while you’re on the road?

Travelling to new places and meeting new people always inspires me. I gain great inspiration from the feelings I get when playing music is different environments. I sometimes play a song in a place and take a brand new feeling from it because of the vibe, lighting and people around me. It is also great to hear what the resident DJs play from state to state and this will always inspire the way I begin my performance.

As far as making music on the road goes, I try new ideas and check out new software while I am away and then I can get straight into it when I go into the studio. I have recently been using Cubasis software on my iPad and I must say, it has become a real game-changer for me. To have studio quality projects rolling, often 35,000 feet in the air, is a great thing and with Cubasis. There is no time lost as I can import all of the work I do back into the full Cubase software at the studio.

The Experience EP you recently released with Patrick Alavi is terrific and very funky. Was there anything specific that informed the sound of the EP?

The EP was something that Patrick and I started working on a while back now. We passed some sounds back and forth kind of knowing the strengths that we both had in our music and what would make each other tick.

There’s some nice guitar on the title track. Is this a sample or played live? Oh, and that bassline is ridiculous!

Yep! Patrick Alavi played the guitars on this record.

What’s on tap in terms of new releases on Hot Creations and Outcross?

I have a new remix dropping soon on Iain O’Hare’s Words of Wisdom EP, and I also worked with my buddy Matt Hughes on a MAM remix which is also on this record. TBoy & Matt Hughes also have EPs dropping soon. I have been back in the studio with Beccs Lott working on new a new album and the first single will be released in the summer. The PopArt album will be dropping later this year also. All on Outcross Records.

You’re playing Miami later in the month. What are your experiences like playing in Miami? Are there any Miami labels or producers who’ve influenced your music over the years?

I always enjoy playing in Miami! It is always a fun place to play because the weather is really nice and the people are always ready for a good party. I feel that the crowds there are quite clued up on what is going on and so it keeps you on your toes and has you thinking about what you are going to play and I like that because it often brings out the best in me.

Any final thoughts?

Just a massive thanks and respect to everyone who has been supporting me along the way of my musical journey. What I do what not be possible if it was not for this and so I am truly grateful for the support that I am being shown.

Darren Ressler

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