Cazwell’s Top 5 Tracks of the Moment

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NYC-based DJ/rapper/producer Cazwell has been straddling the line between hip-hop and dance music with ease since the late ’90s. With hits like 2009’s “I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King” and 2010’s “Ice Cream Truck” under his belt, he continues pushing the musical envelope, bathing his party-perfect (and often hilarious) tracks with elements of electro, Moombahton and house.

On his just released his third album, Hard 2 B Fresh, Caz serves up piping-hot collaborations with Richie Beretta (Major Lazer, Jillionaire), Justin de Nobrega (Die Antwoord), Nicky da B (RIP), Peaches, Jesse Novak (M.I.A., Santigold), Big Dipper, RedTop (Beyoncé, Goldfrapp), Manila Luzon, DJ Fresh Direct and others. Along the way he tackles the U.S. debt crisis (“Dance Like You Got Good Credit”) and narcism

We checked in with Cazwell and asked him to share his five favorite songs of the moment.

Cazwell’s Hard 2 B Fresh is out now on Peace Bisquit.
1. Cazwell feat. Cherie Lily – “Dance Like You Got Good Credit”
My new single is out on SoundCloud, from my new album, Hard 2 B Fresh. The video drops later this month. I think it’s hilarious how people practically go broke just to look rich for other broke asses. This is what this track is about. I recorded this track with my girl Cherie Lily, who sings the hooks. Produced this track with Richie Beretta (Jillionaire, Major Lazer).

2. Cakes Da Killa – “Bind That Bitch”
Cakes is THAT bitch!!! Definitely one of the hardest hitting gay rappers in the game right now. I first got turned on to Cakes when I heard his Eulogy mixtape that came out last year. She reps New York and has a sick-ass stage presence too. I always keep a look out for what Cakes drops. Never disappoints.

3. Schwartz – “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”
Schwarz is THA SHIIIIT!!!! My intern turned me on to his SoundCloud page. This track is fucking genius!!! Some serious shit! His style goes hard for B-more, it’s never more obvious that in this track. He took the “hands up don’t shoot” from the protests in Ferguson and mixed it in.

4. Katie Got Bandz – “Y U Mad”
Fuck! I could listen to Katie Got Bandz all day. I’m gagging that this girl is only 14 years old. She goes hard in everything I’ve heard her on.

My favorite hip-hop DJ out of Australia. I was introduced to her DJ sets when I was down under touring for Mardi Gras. She gets the crowd hyped and knows her ’90s!! I like how she blends in trap, classic hip-hop, throwback and moombahton in the mix.

6. IAmDandyWarhol


Not to be confused with the Dandy Warhols. I’m feeling this Hex Tape Mini Mix. He can rap his ass off. I listen to this every time I do the dishes, and all I know is I want to hear more from him.

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