Lenny Fontana Top 5 Artists of the Moment

lenny fontana top 5 artists

Legends on the dance floor don’t come as big as New York-based DJ/producer Lenny Fontana, an artist who has championed quality house music since the ’80s and stayed the course in the wake of countless musical fads. Boasting a discography featuring productions with Duane Harden, Darryl D’Bonneau and Carole Sylvan, Fontana has remained true to his roots as he continues working in the Big Apple’s club scene and beyond.

Currently running Karmic Power Records, a new label co-founded with A&R man Manuel Genzel, Fontana, who has played at The Shelter, The Underground, Wildpitch, Ministry of Sound and too many clubs to mention, shared with us his five favorite artists of the moment.

Lenny Fontana’s remix of Daniele Sexxx ft. Paula P’Cay “Lift Me Up” is out October 4 on Karmic Power Records. His new single with D Train, “In The Music, Feel The Music,” is due out soon.

1. The Sunburst Band
Joey Negro and Z Records: quality at its best. There is nothing to be confused here. The fact that this man knows his music is an understatement. Joey Negro (whose real name is Dave Lee) has produced and remixed for more than 25 years, and many of his songs have become a staple with many DJs. You need to check this man out and all the productions he has worked on.

2. David Morales & Frankie Knuckles
Def Mix Productions duo David Morales and Frankie Knuckles are two of the best producer remixer/DJs of all-time and have set the tone for many that came after. After Frankie Knuckles’ death a few months back, David did this special mix of Frankie’s best productions and remixes that where special to him. It is a great mix and needs to be checked out. The body of work that Frankie leaves behind is unprecedented and there are many gems in there that are dance floor classics. Welcome to what I would call classic house.

3. Harry Romero
I have been playing a lot of Toolroom Records’ stuff…very big room but this one really stands out for me. Harry Romero’s “Tania” is the bomb. This track fuses the old-school house sounds and brings it right up to today for the new generation. Toolroom is owned by Mark Knight, who in his own right is a well accomplished DJ/producer/remixer from the UK. He has been churning out the tunes and it seems there is no stopping in sight for the Toolroom team.

4. RLP
RLP loves taking old classic soul and disco joints and flipping and editing to make them very useful in your DJ sets. This is not house music but what he does here shows you that house music is the revenge of soul and disco music. There are many things to check out that RLP from France has remixed and re-edited. Since we are having a major comeback with deep house, it is time to get your right ears on and check out all the jams from back in the day. Enjoy the trip.

5. BBC Legends Of The Dancefloor – A Tribute To Larry Levan Paradise Garage NY
I hate to give props to things that I am involved with but this is one of those moments where Larry Levan is showcased from the Paradise Garage. I was very lucky to be able to produce the show that aired the second anniversary from the Paradise Garage. This show happened to be one of the most downloaded from the BBC. This is the true art form of programming a night and blending the right records together. SoundCloud is so amazing to let this five-hour special broadcast be aired once again as it was aired on BBC Radio.

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