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Audiofly‘s Anthony Middelton and Luca Saporito produce and spin beautiful music together. Working together since 2002, they’ve risen to international acclaim for their eclectic DJ sets and inspired production ethos, using their Supernature label to shine the spotlight on emerging talent such as Alex Niggemann, Ali Nasser and Boris Horel.

This season Middelton and Luca Saporito have been working almost nonstop, heading up Flying Circus at Sankeys Ibiza and piloting the Flying Circus Ibiza compilation co-mixed with the lovely ladies of Blond:ish, featuring tracks and mixes from DJ Koze, Eduardo De La Calle, Dance Spirit, The Mole, Superpitcher, Jonny White, Ultrasone and many more.

We caught up with Middelton and Saporito and asked them to share their five favorite artists of the moment.

Audiofly’s Flying Circus residency happens every Friday at Sankeys Ibiza through September 26. Flying Circus Ibiza is out now on Seamless Recordings.

1. Nigel Godrich
Anthony: One of the people who are influencing me the most right now is Nigel Godrich. He’s best known for producing, remixing and just plain adding his touch to the bands Radiohead and Atoms For Peace. We live in a world which adores the front man (how many of you out there can name all the band members of Radiohead, for example) and yes, Thom Yorke is also one of my favorite musicians, but if one takes away all the crazy — rich textures, unusual arrangements and spacious sonic soundscapes that a man like Nigel brings to the mix, they wouldn’t sound half as angelic! To me I can hear Nigel’s influences ringing like a bell in almost everything he touches, and I’ve certainly tried to recreate a couple of his tricks or processes….the ultimate sign of respect.

2. Carl Craig
Anthony: Speaking in terms of our industry, I would have to say that Carl Craig stands out as one of our all-time favorite artists. I can look back over the last 20 or so years and see so much consistency in his sound and production. I first heard of Carl in 1994 when he released something on Open (the first ever Paperclip People release, I think), then I heard “Red Lights” (and consequently the whole album More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art) in 1997, and I was completely sold….I wanted to write shit like that! We could never could quite attain his sound. In fact, nobody could or does, and that’s one of the signs of an artist who leaves behind a legacy. Falling Up, Sandstorms, Angola – ooof, the list of his accolades is long and his collaborations are next level! Love this man.

3. Robag Wruhme
Luca: If I look deep into my record collection, there is one person whom I keep pulling records from every single time we play: Robag Whrume. This genius knows no limits in my opinion. I have known and respected him since his Wighnomy Brothers times, but since going solo I can really hear his own sound coming through. His music is unique, and he’s as comfortable making super trippy techno as he is doing weird electronica or deeper house. Since last year we started booking him for Flying Circus, and we are lucky enough to have enlisted his remixing talents for a future Supernature release too.

4. Dance Spirit
Luca: In terms of new producers there is only one outfit that springs to mind, and I am sure my partner, Anthony, agrees too: Dance Spirit. They’ve been making waves for over a year now, and they truly have a bright future in front of them. Their productions are outstanding and so unique. They release on both of our labels (Supernature and Maison D’etre) and have been touring as part of our Flying Circus outfits with us since the beginning of the year. They have an album dropping on Supernature at the end of the year, and it’s that kind of album that you find yourself playing over and over again. Go check them out. You can thank us later for the discovery.

5. Bedouin
Luca: Bedouin is another duo that has been rising into the consciousness of people for quite a while now. I first heard about them separately as we signed an EP from Tamer Malki over a year ago, at around the same time I was introduced to Rami and visited his studio in NYC. The two of them then played me some of the stuff they were working on, and I immediately realized their potential. It wasn’t long before most of the scene did too. Now they are booked to play on major festivals around Europe and have releases on Supernature and Get Physical to name a few. They’re amazing DJs and really know how to rock a crowd. Check out their amazing EP for Supernature on the link below.

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