10 Dirty Moments by Dirt Crew’s Peter Gyselaers

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Dirt Crew Recordings launched in 2004 with the goal of releasing music by quality underground artists. A decade has flown by and the imprint has weathered many musical fads while helping to introduce a plethora of newcomers — Adultnapper, Tensnake, Mano Le Tough — to more recently releasing high-profile albums from Tigerskin and Detroit Swindle (read their co-interview with Mayer Hawthorne here).

With ten amazing years of music to their credit, the label is looking to the future instead of the past. Dirt Crew just released Deep Love 10, a forward-thinking compilation of emerging talent featuring Edit Murphy, Matt Master, Schmutz and others.

In lieu of ten years in the game, we checked in with Dirt Crew boss Peter Gyselaers (a.k.a Break 3000; pictured below) and asked him to share some of the label’s best moments from the past decade.

Dirt Crew’s ten-year anniversary compilation Deep Love 10 is out now.

10 Dirty Moments by Dirt Crew’s Peter Gyselaers
1. 2004 was the beginning of the label and being very active on other labels like Moodmusic and MBF with our own music, this was a great way to also start releasing other people’s music.

2. Release 009 that had the amazing “Neontrance” track on it and was the start of a great friendship with Tigerskin, who have since released over 13 EPs and more recently his great first album on Dirt Crew.

3. Since 2005 we have attended the Soundwave Festival on Vancouver Island, Canada for six years in a row. The most amazing festival and location on the planet!

Break 3000 Peter Gijselaers4. Being able to release some of the first-ever releases by artists like Adultnapper, Tensnake, Mano Le Tough, Till von Sein, Mic Newman, Iron Curtis and more recently Brame & Hamo.

5. Releasing an incredible anthem by Chymera, his “Curl” track went on to be one of the most successful tracks on Dirt Crew ever! It’s a stand-out example of how “piano house” should sound.

6. The discovery of Detroit Swindle in 2011 by our friend Elef who gave me their first demo tracks ever. The rest is history!

7. Two crazy Americanos called Urulu & Steve Huerta doing the second most successful track ever on Dirt Crew called “Things I Didn’t Mean.” This was one of the summer anthems of 2013.

8. Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle Detroit Swindle and the Detroit Swindle Debut Album Boxed Out we released this year!

9. Having my hero Kerri Chandler do a remix on the label was the best thing that could have ever happened! A dream come true!

10. Reaching ten years and doing this great compilation with amazing new talent like Kito Jempere, Schmutz, Edit Murphy, Fion, Timothy Blake, Zoe Zoe, Death on The Balcony, Matt Masters, Ponty Mython, Hidden Spheres and label regulars Tigerskin and Yosa.

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