Kasper Bjørke’s 5 Soundcloud Favorites of the Moment

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Informed by house, techno, electro and beyond, globetrotting Danish DJ/producer Kasper Bjørke has been exploring electronic music for well over a decade now.

Always one to push the artistic envelope, he recently unveiled “Sylvia,” a heady and haunting tune culled from his forthcoming fourth album, After Forever. The soulful endeavor — which sports remixes from A/Jus/Ted (Justin Strauss and Teddy Stuart) and Composite Records boss Tiago Fragateiro — ably demonstrates Bjørke’s soulful, articulate vision. It’s an interesting bookend to “Rush,” a sexy, silky-smooth number fronted by Tobias Buch released in April.

With the imminent release of his new full-length, we checked in with Bjørke and asked him to wax poetic about five artists who are currently on heavy rotation in his world.

Kasper Bjørke’s “Rush” and “Sylvia” are out now on hfn music. “TNR” feat. Jaakko Eino Kalevi is released August 14, 2014. After Forever is out on September 22.

1. L.I.E.S
Long Island Electrical System is an uncompromising U.S.-based label and it’s always interesting to follow their latest releases. Pure underground, no bullshit.

2. Mike Simonetti
Besides running things at one of my favourite labs, Italians Do It Better, Mike Simonetti also puts up re-edits and remixes he has done himself, some which never will get an official release. Always cool stuff.

3. Tim Sweeney
The lovely Tim Sweeney, founder and host of BIS Records and BIS the radio show, is always a great listen, with fresh weekly DJ mixes from some of the best DJs in the world and high-quality releases from his label.

4. Throne of Blood
James Friedman and Max Pask run this label out of New York which was co-founded by some of the guys from The Rapture. Love the sound that the label is putting out. Raw and to the bone.

5. Poolside
L.A.-based duo doing some stellar re-edits of old classics as well as some lovely afternoon disco DJ mixes. Their own releases under the Poolside moniker are equally great.

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