Ogling Clearaudio’s $150k Statement Turntable

Clearaudio Statement turntable

At the end of June we attend CE Week, a consumer technology showcase held in New York City, from June 23-27. It was there where we got to get a first-hand look at an array of upcoming consumer-oriented products, ranging from hybrid, two-seater cars to pocket-size lenses for iPads, and attended a lecture about robots presented by a futurist at Intel. While headphones were well represented by a flurry of companies all wanting to gain favor with DJs and music enthusiasts, turntables were ignored despite nearly every product demonstrator reminding me how hot vinyl is “hot” right now. A bit of research on innovations in deck technology revealed Clearaudio’s Statement, a top of the line turntable that will set you back $145,000. While the turntable, which weighs 770 lbs. (!), isn’t exactly new, everything about it is groundbreaking.

The German-made turntable is absolutely gorgeous and unique. About 50 inches (127 cm) tall, it sports its own motor — which is similar to the one used in NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover — and there’s no vibration.

Though the price of this Ferrari of turntables is out of reach for most audiophiles, one can dream about the possibilities, right?

Clearaudio Statement's 145k Turntable

Darren Ressler

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