DJs React to Frankie Knuckles’ Death on Twitter

Frankie Knuckles

The sudden passing of Frankie Knuckles has led to an outpouring of emotion by DJs on Twitter. Fellow Chicago DJ/producer Derrick Carter tweeted, “I cry, I stop. I cry, I stop. I cry, I stop. I cry, I stop. I cry, I stop. Hoping that eventually, more of the latter than the former.” His grief was echoed by countless other jocks, with many in the younger contingent paying their respects to Knuckles for the inroads he made as an artist. New York-via-Chicago DJ Tommie Sunshine added, “Frankie Knuckles, may you now be in a place where House Music is understood and loved by all and you’re free of pain.” Here’s a selection of DJs paying their respects to the Godfather of House.






Darren Ressler

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