House Hero: Andre Crom Looks Back on OFF Recordings’ First 5 Years


When Berlin-based DJ/producer Andre Crom launched OFF Recordings in 2008, he had one big goal: to release excellent, uncompromising house music. With five years of success now under his belt, including an assortment of underground deep house gems and successful club nights to the label’s credit, Crom is looking back a period where he grew as an artist and gave new talent a platform.

Crom and company are currently touring the world in honor of the five-year milestone and supporting the half decade with Five Years of OFF Recordings, a four-track sampler featuring André Crom, Chi Thanh and Kevin Knapp’s “While You Stand,” Kruse & Nuernberg, KODY and LEFTWING’s “Turning,” Robosonic and Mat.Joe’s “You on You” and Purple Disco Machine and Teenage Mutants’ “Little Treehouse.”

Crom shared with us five of his favorite moments from the past half decade running OFF’s:

1. The release of OFF 004. “Early on in our release catalog we released the best-selling vinyl of our distributor in that year (yeah, five years ago it was still vinyl which were more relevant than downloads).”

2. The beginning of 2012. “Because in that year things really started to take OFF, with the label rising to the top of Beatport’s deeph ouse charts with a whole number of releases.”

3. Robosonic’s hits “Worst Love” and “The Edge”: “For weeks [these tracks were] number one on Beatport’s deep house charts. These releases were the soundtrack of the summer of 2012 for countless house music lovers.”

4. Purple Disco Machine’s “My House”: “This was for 2013 what Robosonic’s hits were for the year before.”

5. Our core artists. “Since 2012, we gathered a strong family of core artists, which massively helps to shape our label identity. Robosonic, Leftwing & Kody, Mat.Joe, Purple Disco Machine, Teenage Mutants, Kruse & Nürnberg, Kevin Knapp, Chi Thanh, most recently house legends Full Intention and, of course, myself.”

The 5 Years OFF tour hits Hive in Zurich with Andre Crom and Robosonic on March 7, Pratersauna in Vienna with Andre Crom and Kruse & Nuernberg on March 14, The Astoria in Portsmouth, UK with Andre Crom, Purple Disco Machine & Martin Ikin on April 12, and Gorilla in Manchester, England with Andre Crom and Mat.Joe on April 26.

Darren Ressler

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