Big Shot Rewind: 113 DJs and EDM Artists Look Back on 2013


2013 is now in the history books. Instead of us philosophizing about what kind of year it was for DJ culture (believe me, we have strong opinions), our 10th annual Big Shot Rewind surveys a plethora of DJs and electronic music acts — 107 113 to be exact — working in various styles in both the underground and mainstream. Spinning and performing nightly in the trenches at clubs and festivals all over the world and crafting tracks in the studio, nobody is more qualified than these beatmasters to wax poetic on the year. Without further ado, we present their collective reflections on 2013.


How was 2013 for you? Busy. We spent most of it working on our LP, We Do Bass (out now on Passenger!), and now the latter part of the year was spent on the release and booking dates for 2014.

Highlights? Finishing the LP and feeling like we’d included absolutely everything that we wanted to do.

Song of the year: Eat Rave – “Knightmare”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To play in Russia and the U.S. by the end of 2014.



How was 2013 for you? As always, full of ups and downs, but I think the positives have just about outweighed the difficult bits this year, and I feel like everything is now progressing at least. A few records have had their release dates pushed back recently but hopefully that should just make the start of 2014 nice and exciting.

Highlights? Getting to remix “Sunset” by Compuphonic was a real pleasure. I think it’s one of my favorite house tracks ever. I’ve been at plenty of good parties obviously but nothing beats tinkering in the studio for me.

Song of the year: Well, there’s plenty to choose from, and I’ve liked a lot of stuff on Futureboogie and Local Talk, but personally I’d have to go for Frits Wentink’s “Mouse.” It just sounded like nothing else and it completely changed my mindset and the kind of records I wanted to make. Wolf have been absolutely killing it over the last few months.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Not sure yet, but I’m playing a set in Berlin on January 10, 2014 so whatever it is it will probably get broken then.


Aki Bergen

How was 2013 for you? It was a real transformation for me. I’ve been cracking in the music business since 1997 so I’ve passed through many changes, humanly and musically speaking. But this year something has changed radically. I had the lucky chance to experiment myself in producing soundtracks — indie rock and electronica just to name a few — then working with outstanding singers and composers as well. The final result is a couple of wicked albums which I can’t wait to give to the world! As far as my Aki Bergen’s project, I made a decision to slow down a bit in order to compose better music. I’ve always been worried to not to be able to keep a high quality level of all of my productions, so I held back to look for a new sound, a new vision, something that I really love for my upcoming songs. I’d need tons of words to describe this wonderful 2013. But to cut the long story short, let me say that I have enjoyed every second and keep doing my best crossing fingers for more good things to come.

Highlights? Too many! I have to mention my first sound designing project. Thanking those super guys at Loopmasters and Sarah from Favouritizm, I made a pretty cool samples pack trying to offer producers the same thrill I experienced when I started using hardware gear. It’s already a Loopmaster VIP Award. Sounds cool! Back to productions, I can’t forget two of my most lucky projects, respectively: Aki Bergen & Seismal D’s “Daemon in Me” feat. Majenta on my own label, Neurotraxx and Aki Bergen and Djuma Soundsystem’s “Your Deep Is Not My Deep” feat. Lazarusman, just signed with Steve Bug’s label, Audiomatique.

Song of the year: Actually it’s been two years since I’ve listened to the same song periodically. It’s from 2012, really going along my daily life. I’m talking about Ane Trolle’s “Honest Wall.” As for 2013 my fave song, probably comes from Eminem. “Rap God” is a true piece of rap music.

What’s your New Year’s resolution: Keep living my life and taking care of anyone is close to me. I won’t stop to fight for the love of the music.


Aki Latvamäki

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was the year when the heating system of our house started breaking down occasionally. With temperatures reaching as low as -30C (-22F) here in northern Finland, one really starts valuing things we take for granted, like hot water and a warm bed. I got a small electric heater from a friend that I had with me all the time and that’s what kept me warm. Other than that the year’s focus has been on writing the music for a game called Wizard Quest, which will be out early 2014 for iPad and iPhone. I had to dig out the old tracker music techniques I had almost forgotten about and it has really brought me back to the roots where I started my own quest with music. Also, I’m hoping to finish my microphone modding project soon and start recording with the new mics, hoping to capture sounds that will form the basis for my upcoming music projects.

Highlights? The whole summer. It only lasts for a few months here, so it has to be thoroughly enjoyed by going to cottages in the wilderness and swimming in lakes and rivers. Some fish has to be caught and fried on an open fire. And sausage (with chili mustard).

Song of the year: Jaakko Eino Kalevi’s “No End,” from his excellent Dreamzone EP.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Remember to find time for myself and the people closest to me.

Alan Aguero

How was 2013 for you? 2013 has been really good year. I’ve met many new people, have gotten some new opportunities and it’s been one of my best years so far! I’ve also been working with an up-and-coming producer named Maxum so everybody watch out!

Highlights? Playing inside the Guvernment Complex for the first time in Toronto. It’s always been a dream for me to play there. Having my Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” remix featured on the DJ Mag Canada front page; and DJ Chuckie played my new track “C’mon” on his Dirty Dutch Radio Show Episode #027

Song of the year: Steve Angello & Matisse & Sadko – “SLVR.” The very first time I heard it I was speechless. It’s that kind of song that brings so many emotions at the same time.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 2014 will be my year, I’m hoping to blow up and bring a lot of new things to the table.

Alan Aguero

Alex Flatner

How was 2013 for you? It was probably one of my best years so far. I’ve been traveling a lot to China, India, U.S.A., Japan, Australia and all over Europe, which has been amazing! Together with my studio soul mate Lopazz, we’ve have been producing probably our most musical tracks ever and you can hear them when they are released in December. One of the tracks is called “Purpose,” and the vocals are by an amazing guy called Nick Maurer.

Highlights? Tokyo and Beijing: impressive cities and cultures on both sides. Also, my release with Cari Golden and MSMS on Noir Music – “Love Is A Condition” – as it was more of a song then a club track, so very special for me.

Song Of The Year: Nora En Pure’s “Come With Me.” We often hear tracks with piano stabs but on this one you can definitely hear that she knows very well how to work with harmonies and changes, especially with a piano that doesn’t sound at all boring after a time. I listened to this track many, many times and it never got me bored so this is a really one for me.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Just to continue how the last year is ending.

alex flatner

Angel Alanis

Highlights? Still alive. Moving to Berlin then moving back to Chicago. First one-year anniversary with my Love and lots of positive energy from a lot of new faces. New family in Berlin and abroad. Love you.

Song of the year: I won’t be taking this too seriously, and this song still makes me giggle. DJ Milton – “That Bitch Got Crabs”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Help people help each other. Don’t hold on to old grudges but, at the same time, I will not let anyone get away with bullshit. Make a ton of music. Stay fit. Patch things up with my lovely son, and help my mom get back on her feet.

Angel alanis


How was 2013 for you? A year of exploration. Hoping 2014 will be a year of formation. The world is moving in interesting ways, and I hope to find a medium to document and respond to this.

Highlights? The Roxymore record, the heatsick record, the new Laurel Halo, Hyperdub releases and label development, likewise for Blackest Ever Black, seeing Savages get mainstream recognition, the Beak> record (actually, I think that was from last year but still), the Psychic TV show at Festsaal Kreuzberg (before it burnt down. It was one of the most genuine shows I have ever seen. It made me weep), lolling at the ’90s revival (I suppose it was bound to happen to my generation at some point), listening to Ricardo Domeneck read his own poetry (what a voice), driving through the sensous hills of Italy after a year boxed up in the harsh reality of Berlin. So many things but these are just a few.

Song of the year: Either Roxymore Fltnord or Tiger (Brandt Brauer Frick Mix) by Gudrun Gut.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Finishing things.


Anthony Collins

How was 2013 for you? Great and with a lot changes: full-time move to Brooklyn from Paris; change of booking agency (now working with Geist for Europe and Liaison for U.S.); label gaining more attention; and same for our core crew of artist in the process of upgrading studio space big time.

Highlights? Scissor & Thread label showcase at Resolute NY. Check the video to get the vibe.

Song of the year: Tycho – “Awake”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Learning to speak Portugese as my wife is from Brazil and it would be nice to finally be able to communicate with her family.

anthony collins


How was 2013 for you? 2013 has been a great year. I haven’t been gigging as much as 2012 but it has allowed me to really focus on what I love the most: making beats!

Highlights? The Shambarber stage at Shambala festival. It was such a good vibe, and I had so much fun playing. Arc festival in Bristol was also a smasher!

Song of the year: Paul Woolford’s “Untitled.” I know it’s been overly rinsed this year but it is a really fantastic piece of music.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Go to more gigs, listen to more music and buy more hardware.


How was 2013 for you? A year of extreme contrasts is the best way I can describe it. A lot of health issues that are fortunately resolving themselves now, which was undoubtedly the low point. Music-wise, it was pretty good, with releases on Samurai, Halocyan and my own labels (Auxiliary, Veil and Diode). I expanded my studio a lot too with more hardware, which is always a thrill for any gear junkie.

Highlights? Releasing my double LP Time Heals All on Silent Season, an LP that was and is very personal to me and it was received with great acclaim. I think it sold-out twice during pre-orders!

Song of the year: If I had to narrow it down, I’d probably go for Function’s “Voiceprint (Reprise)” on Ostgut Ton. If I’m picking from my own labels, I’d have to choose “Ascetic” by Sam KDC on Veil.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I don’t usually bother making them, but I guess I’ll endeavor to build on what I’ve already accomplished and strive to achieve more. How about that?!

Axel Bowman

How was 2013 for you? It was in many ways the best year of my life! I released an EP and an album, toured half the globe and still managed to have a beautiful home and a beautiful girlfriend. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a fat, aging alcoholic with constant nervous breakdowns, I would be the happiest man on earth!

Highlights? Eating kimchi from a naked man’s torso at a San Fransisco afterparty must be the absolute highlight. Getting a compliment about my music from Neneh Cherry is second to that. At third place comes getting a Star Alliance gold card that gives me lounge access at airports — now I can finally befriend those laptop business suit and tie guys and present my idea of a social Internet page where you have a profile with your interests and pictures and befriend other people.

Song of the year: Hmmm, well I can tell you the release of the year: Andras – “Embassy Café” on Dopeness Galore. That’s shit hot! Andras Fox is the boss!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I want to up my social game, go to more dinner parties, drink better wine with interesting characters and try to become a pot smoker. I know, the active social life and pot smoking are not really a good combo, but I will sure try! I really envy the pot-smoker lifestyle. So focused. So one-directioned. And so easy going. I think.



How was 2013 for you? I can describe it with one word: mindblowing.

Highlights? Playing Ultra Music Festival in Miami; having my first month-long U.S. tour; being a part of the amazing MPP3D bus tour; performing for the first time in Korea, India, Argentina, Chile; and many more.

Song of the year: Krewella – “Live For The Night” (W&W remix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I’ll be having a crazy time in my home country with a special homecoming party that me and my team are preparing for my fellow countrymen. I’m super excited to play in my hometown after one year.

Break Science

How was 2013 for you? Epic! We released a new record, Seven Bridges, a bunch of rowdy after parties for Pretty Lights, and we joined the PL live band for a two-month U.S. tour!

Highlights? Our official Pretty Lights after party at the House of Blues Chicago. We had that place packed and raging! Also playing Red Rocks was epic!

Song of the year: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To get on the road and tour to support our new record, Seven Bridges. Get some cool production and lights and make the shows an experience to remember.


Brown (from Brown and Gammon)

How was 2013 for you? 2013 has been pretty damn awesome, did lots of stuff over in the States including the Flux Pavilion tour which was super dope. We’ve moved into a new house and got a nice lil studio set up literally full of gear.

Highlights? Had to be the Flux tour. We had such a great time; it was a very surreal experience. We’ve also had some very welcome positive feedback about our new music.

Song of the year: My favorite discovery was probably a guy called Pomrad. We both got all back alley crunk up in this shit when we heard “Dwang.”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To make a lot of music, and for it to be as good as we can possibly make it.


How was 2013 for you? It truly was an amazing year for me. After performing 60+ times and releasing multiple EPs and remixes, I’ve gained so much experience that I will be bringing into 2014. I’m looking to develop myself as an artist and make 2014 colossal!

Highlights? Becoming closer and working with so many artists that I’ve looked up to. My performance highlight of the year was definitely playing at What The Festival. It felt so good playing on such a large stage on a beautiful Funktion-One rig.

Song of the year: Since there was so much great music that came out this year, I can’t choose just one! Instead, I gotta say that Darkside’s Psychic was my favorite album of the year. It’s such a brilliant mix of electronic and acoustic influence with a resounding Pink Floyd vibe. Not to mention that Nicolas Jaar is one of my all-time favorite artists.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Not sure if this is so much of a resolution, but I plan on continuing to build my library of music and stretch my sound into every corner of the bass music realm.

Charli XCX

How was 2013 for you? Great. I did my first full headline tour in the U.S. and it was amazing. I’ve never been so happy and emotional. All of the shows were crazy. The fans were amazing. I had the best time.

Highlights? Having a number one in the UK with Icona Pop with “I Love It.” That was pretty awesome, and hearing my new song “SuperLove” on the radio in the UK. — that was pretty cool too. Also, the Backstreet Boys tweeted me!!!

Song of the year: Yung Lean – “Ginseng Strip 2002”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To live every single second of my life like it’s the last. Every single second.


Chrissy Muderbot

How was 2013 for you? Pretty darn great. Lots of traveling, played some great gigs, wrote some music I’m very proud of, and moved from Chicago to Brooklyn. Still getting settled here but I’m liking it a lot.

Highlights? The two Percussion Lab parties at Cameo in New York; the Loose Squares showcase in Kansas City; seeing 24-hour daylight in Finland and Norway; the festival in an abandoned Soviet-era East German air base; the yacht party on Lake Michigan; the Roller Disco in Pittsburgh; and getting to work on a ton of new music.

Song of the Year: Everything Black Madonna did this year. And Supraman. And the new Prince Rama LP. And “Manabadman” by Mark Pritchard. And “Beach Mode” by Ikonika & Jessy Lanza. And “On My Own” by Flava D. Also, Az & Tor – “Sit Back (Polkadot Remix).” That’s more than one but you really absolutely need all of those.

chrissy murderbot

Christian Smith

How was 2013 for you? It was pretty intense! I did around 100 gigs in over 20 countries, released an album, along with running my weekly radio show, etc. and had countless hangovers! I’m very grateful to do what I love for a living!

Highlights? Playing for Richie Hawtin’s Enter party at Space, Ibiza.

Song Of The Year: Inxec & Droog – “Mountain Drop”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Less long-haul flights, more good wine and loads of Tronic 20th anniversary events around the world.

Christian Smith


How was 2013 for you? David Macklovitch: Amazing. Pee and I spent the whole year working on our new album full-time. It’s the most fun we’ve ever had making music.

Highlights? Shooting the album trailer in the middle of the desert. Recording a full string section at Avatar. Playing our first comeback shows in NY and London. Oh, and Ferg’s “Shabba” video.

Song of the year: Blood Orange – “You’re Not Good Enough”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Never stop working.



How was 2013 for you? This year was another magic year in a magical century in which I experienced the magic of human beings all around a truly magic planet.

Highlights? My highlights happened in the dark in the shelter of the urban night when I play in beautiful basements for real music lovers. I wanna say it with the Pet Shop Boys, whom I had the honor of remixing this magic year: “We all feel better in the dark.” “Let’s Groove” is my testament and “When the Night is Over” I press play again and again. The dark is my highlight, ’cause in the dark it’s “No Eyes” on me.

Song of the year: There is not just one song that stands out and to name one would not do justice to all the musicians and songs I admire. Instead let me kneel down before the sonic realm that has been created in 2013.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? In 2014, I want to create peace through sound on the blue planet. Join me, I could use some help.


Cookie Monsta

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was really fun, lots of club nights along with amazing festival shows! Lots of new music made too!

Highlights? Playing to about 30,000 people alongside FuntCase at EDC Las Vegas. We smashed it!

Song of the year: Pegboard Nerds & Tristam – “Razor Sharp (VIP)”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To not make any more New Year’s resolutions!


Crystal Fighters

How was 2013 for you? Gilbert Vierich: It’s been such an incredible year for Crystal Fighters. We released our second album, Cave Rave, held an actual Cave Rave in the Basque country, completed a world tour including two tours of America, one of which was supporting the awesome Portugal. The Man and played our biggest headline show ever at Brixton Academy in London to 5,000 dancing heads!

Highlights? The biggest is yet to come as we are supporting Two Door Cinema Club at the O2 Arena in London with a capacity of 18k….wow!!! And after all that we will be bringing in the new year in style in Australia, playing an awesome festival called Field day on New Year’s Day!

Song of the year: Too many to choose from. Some of my favorites are:

Todd Terje – “Strandbar (Disko)”
Vampire Weekend – “Step”
James Blake – “Retrograde”
Drake feat. 2 Chainz – “All Me”
Haim – “Falling”
Imagine Dragons – “Demons”
Portugal. The Man – “Modern Jesus”
A$AP Rocky – “F**inh Problem”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? N/A

Crystal Fighters


How was 2013 for you? Challenging! 2013 was packed with new discoveries, hard work and hundreds of hours upon hours in the studio. We’ve come out of the other end looking forward to unleashing a lot of new music next year!

Highlights? Signing a new album deal with Eat Music. They’re keeping their cards pretty close to their chest, but it’s an offshoot of one of the best independent labels in the world and we feel very priviledged to be involved from the start.

Song of the year (that isn’t yours): Either Kove “Love For You” or Flux Pavilion & Steve Aoki “Steve French.” Both tracks have blown us away and become firm favorites for us this year. (You can hear both in our new mix for London Warehouse Events.)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To release new music on a relentless schedule. We’ve worked hard to create a pool of new stuff to choose from. Now it’s time for the world to hear it!


Danny Avila

How was 2013 for you? Incredible! Everything really exploded for me. I played all over the world, fulfilled so many dreams, got to DJ at some of the biggest events in the world, met my heroes, my idols, released my own productions, remixed some amazing tracks for guys like Krewella and Skylar Grey, and I even released two compilation albums for Ministry of Sound and Space Ibiza. I always knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be; I knew that it would take a lot of hard work to get there but I’ve been really blessed to have an amazing team behind me who have worked equally as hard to get me there. I know that there are a lot of big things coming for 2014 so if all goes to plan, next year will be even bigger.

Highlights? So many!! It’s hard to pick just one, but I think probably playing at Coachella Festival and my debut at Ultra Festival on the main stage was something special as well. My residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas has been a highlight, and also getting to DJ with Tiësto again all over the world, to now be able to count him as a mentor and really close friend, someone who was always my hero. Yeah, that’s definitely a highlight!

Song of the year: Afrojack – “Raybomb”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To finally get my driver’s license!!!

Danny Avila

Dantiez Saunderson

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a game changer for me — it opened my eyes to so many great things/people/events/opportunities, and I am very grateful and happy for everything this year. The ball is now rolling!

Highlights? Ibiza, Circo Loco with Kevin Saunderson, Dubfire, amongst others that night. Also the Enter party at Space was great. The First Leaf event In London, back-to-back with the pops, was a great event and great night.

Song of the year: Wankelmut & Emma Louise – “My Head is a Jungle (MK Remix)”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I really want to get started on my album. I’ve been planning on starting for a while, so why not get a jump on it in the new year, right? More details to come on that soon!

Dantiez 3

Darin Epsilon

How was 2013 for you? 2013 turned out great for me! I didn’t think it would have been possible to top 2012, but I was sorely mistaken.

Highlights? Going on tour in India, Greece, Poland, Mexico, Canada, and signing my track to Nick Warren’s Renaissance compilation. I was also invited to play three massive festivals in a row for North America’s biggest promoter, Insomniac Events.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I would really like to see myself do a proper tour of Australia in 2014. That’s the only continent left that I have not performed in. I also plan to spend more time in the studio to learn new things.

Darin Epsilon

David Alvarado

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a good comeback year for me, with a new release on Ovum after an eight-year absence. Also fired up a new vinyl-only label in Europe that has been doing well. All in all, it was a good, productive year.

Highlights? Returning to ADE. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Amsterdam and playing a sold-out party in an amazing venue surrounded by some great talent was the icing on the cake. Seeing how ADE has grown and the industry as a whole has grown was a great eye opener.

Song of the year: Rrose – “Waterfall” (Lucy Remix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Finish my fifth album (almost 10 years since the last one), focus on more live music than DJ sets and detach from all social media marketing, advertising, socializing and focus on the music.

David Alvarado

Deo & Z-Man

How was 2013 for you?
Deo: A good year in many ways! Musically, it was fun. We played a lot of gigs but on the other side we produced only a couple of new tracks which dosen’t feel that good. We spend a lot of time preparing our album and produced music videos for the album singles. Check our YouTube channel!

Z-Man: We prepared our album and made the previous singles. For those songs we also made some nice music videos. It also was the year of madness! Good madness. But that’s more an inner thing!

Deo: Definitely our album release! We did so many funny things around all of that ‘no bullshit’ stuff, met many people and built up a completly new live set. Our gig in Moscow was also a great experience. We stayed there for a couple of days and it’s really another world over there. Mindblowing and rough!

Z-Man: Yes, after our gig we spent some days in Moscow. And these days we got a great inside view into Russian life. A couple of Russian friends showed us Moscow and let us sleep at their flat.

Song of the year:
Deo: There is no track of the year. Only DJs with prepared sets or Top 10 playlists can answer this question — it’s all about the right time when you play a song. So that track could be any joint. Spark Master Tape did the best mixtape of the year — that’s for sure!

Z-Man: I really enjoyed the album by Child of Luv. Spark Master Tape kicked out a great mixtape too. And we’ve been at the Hamburg live show by Factory Floor. There only has been round about 30 people there, but it was a massive show.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Deo: We don’t wait for crappy dates to do crappy resolutions.

Z-Man: For real. Do you know somebody who really does this shit? I don’t know anyone.


DJ 3000

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was good. I just tried to stay busy with my Motech label and signed a few more new artists, so all is good. I started a new electronica label, Meze, so this is exiting because I get to release other genres of music I love!

Highlights? Hmm, don’t think there was a highlight to be honest!

Song of the year: I can’t name a song but here is a few stand out albums: Bonobo’s The North Borders, Tall Black Guy’s 8 Miles to Moenart, Shigeto’s No Better Time Than Now and Tiny Hearts’ Stay EP.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To be honest, it’s just to get in better shape! Not that I’m in bad shape, just not in the shape I was a few years ago. Musically, it’s to take the record label to another level!!


DJ Gospel

How was 2013 for you? Great year, gained a lot of followers, had a few laughs thanks to the influx of wannabe DJs with $100 controllers working for bar tabs….

Highlights? Seeing the resurgence of people spinning 45s and seeing well deserved DJs get a chance to shine. Sadly, there were more lowlights this year as we are seeing our profession made a mockery out of by commercialism. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A DJ.

Song of the year: Never really got into the whole ranking of one song, regardless of what you think is great there are others that will disagree. There were tons of great songs as the amount of producers has grown along with the amount of DJs.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To keep spreading the DJ Gospel and sharing common sense and a few laughs.

Doctor P

How was 2013 for you? Well, everyone kept telling me EDM would die in 2013, but I’ve played some of the biggest and best shows this year.

Highlights? EDC Vegas was definitely a show I won’t forget.

Song of the year: J.Rabbit’s “Tequila” bootleg

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To make and release more music.

DJ Jounce

How was 2013 for you? This year flew by fast! I started 2013 with my three-week Asia tour in five countries. I did a bunch of other shows and literally DJ’ed from Miami to Ibiza. In between, I was able to finish new tracks and we shot music videos for a couple of them. I also started a new monthly podcast mix show, called Mix Episode. (All my social media handles are @djJounce so you can check everything out there.) I love being able to do what I do and can’t wait to connect with more house music lovers in 2014.

Highlights? My Ibiza tour was probably the highlight. I DJ’ed Pacha and Amnesia, a couple Pukka Up boat parties, as well as some bars. Ibiza Hott Radio is re-broadcasting my set from Amnesia on their web. There’s really no place like Ibiza. It’s an EDM paradise island and if you haven’t been there yet, get your ass over there next summer!

Song of the year: Hmm, too many to choose from but I’ll say “LRAD” by Knife Party. Just a solid track, with a nice arrangement, killer drop and great production.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions because I like to say I can make a change at any time and not wait for the New Year. But the reality is, I usually end up breaking them at anytime so it doesn’t seem to make a difference when I make them. Ideally, eating healthier, exercising more, reading more novels, doing more charitable work and finding a better balance with my schedule. No matter what, I will be writing a lot more music and hopefully sharing it with more people.


Dragon & Jontron

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a pretty good year for us, a lot of life changing events that kept us busy.

Highlights? Musically, collaborating with BT on “Lifeline,” a track off his new album has to be at the top. We both have looked up to him for so long.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Make more music, continue not smoking cigarettes, exercise.

Song of the year: Pryda’s “Every Day.” Just love the hook and enegy of this track.

DragonJontron 7

DJ Shiva

How was 2013 for you? Pretty great. Celebrated the one-year anniversary of SUBterror Radio, had some breakthroughs in my production (mostly just how I approach it), released a few new bits, played some new places and had a great time meeting some awesome techno people.

Highlights? Playing for Cock Block in Portland was pretty damn fun, as well as opening for Tommy Four Seven and Chris Liebing at Smart Bar. That was a big one!

Song of the year: I can’t pick one, so you get five off the top of my head:

Andrei Morant – “Falling Down”
Clouds – “Chained to a Dead Camel” (Sosak Remix)
Alex Falk – “PTR”
Recondite – “Petrichor” (Tin Man Remix)
The Delta – “Harvester”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Make more music!

Donnell Knox

How was 2013 for you? Wonderful. This year was full of great surprises, and I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends. But I regret not playing so much! I will try to get a bit more active on that side next year.

Highlights? I got more radio and club play for my label. Learned more spiritual things about the earth!

Song of the year: Mr. Raoul K – “Africa”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Help people less fortunate than me, produce more music and play live PAs more often.



How was 2013 for you? Well full of remixes at first. It was also the year of the first release from both my label 11Heads Records and my side project Little Freaky Things which received really nice feedback.

Highlights? When I worked on the soundtrack of an app to help children to learn math with the great maestro Gonzales. It was mad fun! Also playing the legendary party été d’amour in Wanderlust in Paris was really great with hundreds of people on the rooftop. Dope experience!

Song of the year: Pusha T – “King Push” without a doubt!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To learn how to sing!


How was 2013 for you? At the end of 2012 my entire crew decided that the coming year would be “posi-2013,” and it was. I put out three different releases including my latest, “Two Over Ten.” I got my first taste of the Detroit scene this year and watched NYC parties get exciting again. I threw a basement rave or two. I tore up my live set and put it back together again.

Highlights? Learning how to code. I fell into it after purchasing a Monome and realizing I had none of the knowledge required to get it up and running. Dabbled in Arduinos doing physical computing, then threw myself into a web development immersive. Now I’m a Full-Stack Rails dev — holler at your girl for the websites, dude. I built a lyrical interpretation site for my music a la Rap Genius, which can be found here. I’ve got big plans for that over the coming year, like updating the library someone wrote for programming in Ruby for Monome. It’s about five years old and theres a whole different serial protocol. I’m also fooling with some bluetooth Ableton controllers and teaching myself 3D graphics modeling for web with WebGL and Three.js, which is mad hard but the most fun I’ve found yet. Plus, I’ve got my album near done – but that will definitely carry over into 2014.

Song of the year: DJ Rashad feat. Spinn & Taso – “Only One”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. If I’m trying to improve something, why wait an arbitrary month or so? I’m all about upgrading myself in real time – notice a place for improvement and fucking work that shit out ASAP.



How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a milestone year for me as an artist. Getting in touch with mau5trap has really helped me in all different ways. New contacts, new fans and of course all sorts of new opportunities. Even though I have been in this industry for a long time, the upcoming releases, remixes and shows really mark the beginning of my career!

Highlights? My official remix of “Channel 42” by deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner. The first time it aired was on BBC Radio 1 thanks to the great Pete Tong! That remix truly started the beginning of my adventure with mau5trap, and I’ve got many more projects underway so stay tuned. Also in 2013 I signed to my first booking agency, Windish Agency. They are an extremely important aspect to my career, and I am excited to have them with me in this journey to share my music with the world. And I can’t forget to mention all this amazing promotional attention received through the compilation We Are Friends: Volume 2. My track “Lekture” is in there and for me it symbolizes the creative freedom that mau5trap has given me. I wanted to experiment with different sound textures in a very dark mood and the team received it very well. That’s all I need!

Song of the year: That’s a tough one. But I really have to go with Jon Hopkins’ “Open Eye Signal.” A masterpeice. The textures, the groove, the structure, the overall sound…. It has it all. His latest album is so on point. That’s inspiring.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? As Eekkoo, all my resolutions have to do with music. I want to stick to this philosophy of quality over quantity. The opportunities are numerous, but there are only 24 hours in a day, so I must make choices. I want to explore more with my music, and I would like to take the time to write songs with different vocalists. Some singers really manage to raise the emotional feel of an instrumental. Alright. Let’s get back to work now!


Esteban Adame

How was 2013 for you? It was a great year. I finished my album and got it signed. I also built my studio back up. It feels good to work hardware again. Also, had some great gigs, so I cannot complain.

Highlights? My first year of fatherhood. My album getting picked up by EPM and playing at Corsica Studios and at Output with Jus Ed was definitely a highlight this year.

Song of the year: “The Exodus” from Robert Hood’s album on Music Man. What a great piece of music!

Esteban Adame


How was 2013 for you? An absolute game-changer for me. I’ve had the chance to release music on some of my favorite labels and had the pleasure to work with a few of my major influences when it comes to Forrest. What I particularly appreciate is that be it an original or collaboration, I finally feel that I’m contributing what I was meant to add to a track or label. I think it comes from my band background. Much respect to all my dear 2013 collaborators Avatism, Eric Volta, Re.You, Tom Budden, NTFO, Tim Paris & Mat.Joe. Lots more to come in 2014.

Highlights? Having originals, remixes and collaborations on eight vinyl releases was definitely a big deal for me. The support that came with the releases also made the whole thing even more overwhelming. It’s quite a unique high to have someone you’ve drawn influences from give you their stamp of approval. Also the shows this November marked my first year of being on the road as Forrest and has brought me to France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Ukraine, Switzerland and of course all over the UK as I am currently residing in London.

Song of the year: Too hard of a question. Like everyone, I really appreciated the DJ Koze album and am really appreciating what the whole Tale Of Us/Life & Death crew bring to the table. I also enjoy other styles/sub-genres whether it’s deep, tech, minimal, soulful, sample-based, Vvocal, etc. My wish for 2014 is more acceptance across the board; from the most forward-thinking, mind-blowing producers to the dance floor effective slammers. Taste has to be the key.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? One of my resolutions last year was renewing with my passion for reading. Next year I’d love to write more. I like to write in French even though I often question it’s true place and purpose in modern society. I like to talk about thinking, now I want to write more about thinking.


What’s your New Year’s resolution? To learn Portuguese, sharpen my synthesis skills, as well as my sound engineering skills.

From Kid

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a really good year for us so far. We have introduced our first release “Sun” to the world, played many shows and have been visiting a lot of radio stations. We got a lot more feedback from the press than we had expected. More important to us, though, is the feedback that we got from people at our live shows. It has been quite impressive.

Highlights? There were many highlights this year. One of them, we both agree, was a concert at a small festival. We played in the tower of an ancient castle. That tower was about four floors high and the whole audience could see the stage. We were surrounded by all these people and were able to play a very intimate set, during which almost everyone was busy listening and stopped talking. Apart from that, other highlights include a live session for Radio Virus and our first TV appearance in the show Homerun on Joiz TV. Another highlight still lies ahead of us: Five different talented music producers from all over the world have been working on a remix to our song “Sun.”

Song of the year: We find it very hard to pick just one song that has the potential to be selected song of the year. Nowadays, there are so many good artists out there writing astonishing songs. What we love is music that is kept simple and clear with the emphasis on voices. If we had to name bands it would probably be Fink, Sophie Hunger, Hiatus Kaiyote, Alt J, Lorde, etc.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? From Kid really came to life in 2013. We’re now working on new releases and are planning our debut album for a 2014 release. For that purpose, we will come together with two other musicians to work on our debut. Our goal, working with these two guys, will be to produce a greater variety of different sounds and to play bigger venues. These days, as it’s getting colder and colder in Switzerland, we’re about to devise our master plan for 2014. So we’re looking forward to everything that crosses our path.

From Kid


How was 2013 for you? Simply amazing. I’ve presented my own compilation album, toured the U.S. for two months, released more music than I ever have and had some of the greatest responses to my more experimental styles. My fans numbers have risen really quick and I’ve hit many milestones this year with numbers. Very, very happy!

Highlights? My EDC Las Vegas b2b set with Cookie Monsta that was ridiculous. They went all-out on the stage we were on. The sound was amazing and the crowd was rammed side to side, front to back. It was easily the biggest crowd I’ve played to and it was utterly amazing!

Song of the year: Definitely “Latch” by Disclosure. No, I’m not going to house, nor do I think anything in dubstep hasn’t been good enough. On the contrary, this year has been insane for music in general in every genre. But for me, “Latch” was a standout track for sure.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Produce more music, of better quality, learn to get my sound hitting better and more powerful and try to be a standout artist in dubstep and music.


How was 2013 for you? It’s been very productive. We’ve been writing a lot of songs.

Highlights? Lots of highlights in the studio. We started carving out our sound. “Smile” was our first single that just got released.

Song of the year: Chase and Status feat Moko – “Count on Me”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Christian: I’m going to try to keep drinking coffee.
Linus: I promise to smile even more!



How was 2013 for you? 2013 has been a dream come true! Artists that I look up have been hitting me up for my tunes, been collaborating on some insane projects, released a few albums, went on some tours and so much more!

Highlights? Going to Europe with Protohype and my friends was one of my favorite things this year. The scene over there is so much different than here — it’s amazing. Also my australia tour was amazing.

Song of the year: Destroid – “Bounce” without question

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Travel the world with my friends and play a giant festival.


Ghost Beach

How was 2013 for you? Josh Ocean: 2013 was a great year for us. We had a lot of fun touring and playing our first summer of festivals.

Highlights? The Shave Your Legz beach party in Dominican Republic, playing the All Things Go/Indie Shuffle SXSW party, Virgin FreeFest and DJing at TomorrowWorld.

Song of the year: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. It set the tone for a great summer of music.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? More music, more touring, more fun!

ghost beach

Ghosting Season

How was 2013 for you? An awesomely spooky year! We barely had much time to go out because of recording so much, but we heard there was some nice weather at some point.

Highlights? We recorded our second album after being locked away in the studio for a month.

Song of the year: Holden – “Sky Burial”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To spend less money on beer and more money on guitar strings


Greg Cerrone

How was 2013 for you? Pretty good! Locked in studio in the USA doing music and preparing 2014 actually. Music projects take time!

End of 2013, when I released my last single “Rise Together” featuring Koko LaRoo on Ultra Music.

Song of the year: Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – “Reload”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To release a track every month and a half!


How was 2013 for you? One of my most progressive years yet. 2013 proved to be a time where I think I proved to myself that the future is bright and also that I’m doing the right things. From playing headline slots at major music festivals, releasing a new album (Rebel Era), jumping off my record label, Liberated Music), seeing the beginnings of my street team / cultural collective The Liberators, to finishing up my first national headline tour each and evey move we have made more successful than the last. Someone is definitely watching out for me. I’m humbled by all the love.

Highlights? Taking the stage at Electric Forest with musical cohorts and some of my best friends Big Gigantic and Gramatik was the coolest collaborative performance I have ever been a part of. Another highlight is the people we have been able to connect with every show. Finally some of the plans for 2014 that I can’t talk about too much. The gears are moving. My life is changing.

Song of the year: Chance The Rapper – “Acid Rain”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Right now it would go something like, I resolve to keep pushing myself to make better musical compositions and give more back. This culture is for everyone and we have the power to create a better tomorrow.


Guy Gerber

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was probably the best year in my career. I released a free album called Who’s Stalking Who, did an Essential Mix and started my own night at Pacha Ibiza called Wisdom of the Glove.

Highlights? Back-to-back set with Nicolas Jaar in Pacha, Ibiza — more than the actual set it was just nice to bring cutting edge music in the heart of the mainstream. Going to Burning Man for the first time and playing an eight-hour set at Disco Knights, playing for three hours in a cruising art car in the middle of nowhere.

Song of the year: Mano Le Tough – “Primative People” (Tale of Us Remix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To start doing something more healthy and to go back more often to the studio


Guy Mantzur

How was 2013 for you? An amazing year, way more so than I expected!

Highlights? My Argentina tour in 2013 was my first one ever and it was one of the best times of my life.

Song Of The Year: Joris Voorn – “Ringo”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To combine music with my personal life in a better way because sometimes music can take the focus out of everything else.

Guy Mantzur


How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a wonderful year for me. My son was born in February, and I moved to a new home. I also did some great shows this year, and I made the film music for a Brazilian movie called Praia do Futuro. I had some great experience in the U.S., especially performing at the Decibel festival in Seattle, and I had a great time at the West Coast. I also performed in New York at the River to River festival with Samuli Kosminen and Jeffrey Zeigler, and I did a couple of shows with Hilary Hahn.

Highlights? Maybe I mentioned already my highlights……but my biggest highlight was the birth of my son, Lukas. I am very happy to have three kids.

Song of the year: Devendra Benhart – “Golden Girls”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To find a way of being happy with the things that I experience and that are given to me like. I feel gifted to have a great family and having a profession that I always wanted to have. I have the wish to grow and learn in the year 2014.



How was 2013 for you? It went by so fast! It was a really amazing year for HIIO. We released ten singles in 2013, and our last one, “Bounce With Me” which we did in collaboration with Dutch trio Eyedentity, landed at number 11 on the Beatport Progressive House Top 100 Chart. We also had many interviews this year with dance music blogs and online magazines, which was so great for us. We received a lot of support and feedback from influential DJs: Tiësto, Hardwell, Chuckie, Dada Life and so many more. They were supporting our tracks and playing them on their radio shows and at sets. We’re completely satisfied with the results of our work.

Highlights? A few of our highlights:

1. Tomorrowland! That was an unforgettable experience for us
2. Pacha Buenos Aires show with Chuckie in November. It was the party of the year!
3. SummerLand Cartagena Festival
4. Our track with Eyedentity, “Bounce With Me,” hitting number 11 on the Beatport Progressive House Top 100 chart


Song of the year: 
Nico: TJR – “What’s Up Suckaz”
Orty: Avicii – “Wake Me Up”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Ortzy: To consolidate ourselves as strong producers; stay on top of sales all year; play at some new music festivals such as EDC, Ultra and even do Tomorrowland again

Nico: To move to Barcelona!


How was 2013 for you? It’s been a good year, mainly spent working on finishing the new album interspersed with a couple of remixes, gigs and collaborations.

Highlights? For me it will be the album release in December, but playing Fabric again a couple of times was great.

Song of the year: AtsuBox – “The Feelings Changed”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I’m not a resolution maker. Musically I’ll just be moving on to the next project, could be a third album, live show or something else.


Jamie Anderson

How was 2013 for you? This year was actually the 20th year of DJing since starting a club night in 1993 with Jesse Rose. I didn’t expect too much to be honest: I basically only took bookings at smaller venues and independent festivals. These ended up being some of the best gigs yet as the vibe was more intimate, and I was able to play everything I wanted in much longer sets. It was also a productive year in the studio with several collaborations and releases. All in all a good year, kept it real and reaffirmed to myself why I still do this.

Highlights? DJing back-to-back with Louis Osbourne at Watergate before Chez Damier was great fun. Playing in Sion and Lausanne for Salvatore Freda, 5 Years of Jackmode party in Munich, State of Grace in Inverness, Climax in Stuttgart and Piknic Electronik in Barcelona were some of my favorites.

Song of the year: Jesse Rose feat. Arama’s “Time Is But A Moment” (Victor Marsó Remix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Exercise more, practice piano scales again and sell off the excess vinyl in my record collection.

Jamie Anderson

Jerome Derradji

How was 2013 for you? Weird and great at the same time.

Highlights? Seeing Matt Warren and Miguel Garcia playing live with their old gear for the Kill Yourself Dancing! release party in Chicago and releasing my first analog 12″ “A Bump In Da Raw” on Stilove4music.

Song of the year: Rick Smith – “We Should Be Lovers.” It’s the song of the year 1981 in 2013. Pure Detroit.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Forget about 2013.

Jerome Derradji

Jesse Rose

How was 2013 for you? Easily one of the best and hardest-working years of my life. I produced and released 12 singles on Play It Down, had the pleasure of remixing Bob Marley, Roots Manouva and Rufus, and finishing two albums ready for release in 2014 is pretty exciting. The first [album], The Whole Twelve Inches, comes out in February.

Highlights? Playing after a set by Chic and Bono in NYC, our Made for the Night shows at Watergate, Razzmatazz and the Open Air festival we did in Barcelona with piknik elektronik: 4,000 people dancing above the city on the side of a mountain was pretty special.

Song of the year: Easily Ninetoes – “Finder.” His first-ever house record was an absolute win!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Get up later everyday and take an afternoon off each week.

jesse rose


How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a phenomenal year.

Highlights? I was asked to play main stage at Red Rocks Ampitheatre for Global Dance Festival for my second year in a row. I was contacted by the band Animotion regarding my bootleg of their classic ’80s song, “Obsession,” which is now featured on the founding band member Bill Wadhams’ website and will be doing some remix work for them in the future. I released several sample packs on Sounds To Sample, all of which made it into the top 10 and the most recent of which climbed up to number one. My tracks “It’s All Psychological” and “New Dimensions” both made their way into the Beatport Top 100 as well.

Song of the year: I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I’d probably have to say [Lorde’s] “Royals.” It makes such an eloquent, elaborate statement against the materialistic nature of the music industry and reminds us that there are artists out there who actually do this for the music.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Compose an all-original album in 2014.


Jon Rundell

How was 2013 for you? A good year. Some great experiences were had at Space, Fabric, Awakenings as well as the tours of South America plus music releases on Intec and Etch all doing well. Intec in general also stepped up another level with the releases and events we did, so overall a good basis to move into 2014.

Highlights? N/A

Song of the year: Tomy DeClerque’s “Push.” We released it on Intec and it has smashed it every single time I’ve played it.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Try to squeeze in playing a bit more football than what has been possible this year.

jon rundell

Jonty Skrufff

How was 2013 for you? A great year dominated by “work” including DJing, co-curating Amsterdam Dance Event and lots of other bits and pieces all of which merged seamlessly into “play” — kind of. I happily spent lots more time in Berlin and have enjoyed watching the scene continue to expand, develop and grow in all sorts of interesting ways — it really is the center of (underground) worldwide club culture these days and the vibe in the city is über inspiring.

Highlights? For DJing, unquestionably my residency at Sisyphos, Berlin’s biggest and best underground club where the parties last for three days (minimum), the crowd is fantastic and DJ sets are always (at least) four hours long. The club is kind of a hybrid between Berghain (great Function-One sound in a huge industrial space) and Bar 25 (in terms of crowd, ambience and attitude) but with its own unique style and personality. DJing in Brazil again was as always fantastic, in particular at an underground party called Carlos Capslock in a semi-derelict skyscraper downtown Sao Paulo with Paulo Tessuto and Renato Cohen and another at a gay bear party nearby called URSound with Benjamin Ferreira. Wild parties with wild crowds. On the conference front, my definite highlight was putting together and moderating a panel at ADE called Gamechangers featuring Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), MIDI guru Dave Smith, Ableton founder Gerhard Behles and Sunburn’s Shailendra Singh. All six were movingly candid and outspoken and absolutely fascinating.

Song of the year: 2013 was a great year for underground dance music generally, including tribal house, Dirtybird’s ghetto-tech flavoured house and Drumcode’s killer techno though my number one choice is an über-deep tech monster called Froydish by Matt John. It came out on his album via Cocoon in summer, and I’ve played it nonstop ever since.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I don’t make them.

Jonty Skrufff

Kissy Sell Out

How was 2013 for you? It’s a been a year of rejuvenation for electronic music, I think. I guess I’m a little biased coming from the UK where we’ve had a hugely influential house revival, but 2013 has also been the year that I toured the U.S. and felt that dance music finally had a proper home across the pond again.

Highlights? Playing Control at Avalon in Hollywood again – my favorite club in America quite possibly!

Song of the year: Toyboy & Robin – “Jaded”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Drink less, listen a bit more, go further with my part-time astrophysics degree, keep up the DJ practice and make another full-length record!

kissy sell out

Kraak & Smaak

How was 2013 for you? Brilliant! 2013 mostly evolved around us releasing our new album, which we released in this fall. It’s always stressful, those periods, but we managed again and got — and are getting — a lot of positive international attention on it. Always a good sign, also for 2014!

Highlights? Our first-ever Space Ibiza and Brazil DJ sets and the release of our new album, Chrome Waves.

Song of the year: We can’t choose!
Leon Vynehall – “Brother” (Original Mix)
Forrest – “Marlon Brando” (Original Mix)
Todd Terje – “Strandbar”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Making that live U.S. tour happen again; it’s been a couple of years, and we’re dying to return!


Kris Menace

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was definitely a life changing year for me, My outlook was clear, and I made lots of big decisions.

Highlights? It was a busy year. I released The Entirety Of Matter, an album I’m very proud of. I also released a disco album with two great friends under the project name Stars On 33, as well as a full-on Love On Laserdisc album, which is more ’80s oriented. On top of that I unleashed another indie-pop project called Cut Glass with Maxwell Cooke, ex-The Good Books and keyboardist for Ellie Goulding. I worked very, very hard on all that, and I’m very happy that I can finally release all of these great projects. But I’m really looking forward to 2014, where I can finally release a new collaborative project with Simon Lord, MTV awarded singer and ex-Simian and Black Ghosts vocalists.

Song of the year: There are so many great songs! But of course its Woodkid´s song, which is played everywhere. The production is great and the voice is outstanding. It’s a hit — very lovely.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I hope that in 2013 people will wake up and fight against public comments, stats and charts, as it manipulates this world in a wrong way! Stats and words are strong and they do change things! #FreeYourE-Mind and don’t get manipulated or use the [digital] curtain to manipulate. I personally wish that people discover back the value of real artistic works. I dream of a revolution, but it won’t happen.

Kris Menace

Kristina Sky

How was 2013 for you? An amazing year, possibly one of the best yet! So many great gigs and I met awesome people along the way. My residency for Giant/Avalon Hollywood is going on eight years now, the longest and most exciting residency in my career so far. Overall, I’m very grateful.

Highlights? Playing two sold-out shows with my number one inspiration in starting to DJ — Paul van Dyk — at Avalon Hollywood. Those are nights I’ll never forget! Other big highlights are being brought on to Solarstone’s Pure Trance Tour, with amazing shows in L.A. at Exchange for Insomniac Events and Miami during WMC, (Rich (SS) is one of trance music’s most beloved producers, so it was an absolute honor to be a part of), an incredible show in Honolulu HI at Vice Nightclub, oh and being voted number 39 in DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ Poll was pretty damn cool too.

Song of the year: Really tough question as 2013 was an incredible year for dance music! For trance I’d have to say, Danny Stubbs’ “They Walk Among Us” (Thomas Datt Remix), and for the more progressive/housey side of things, definitely Calvin Harris feat. Ayah Marar’s “Thinking About You.” Both tunes were huge staples in my sets.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Just to keep doing what I’ve been doing, but ramp it up a couple notches. More production, launch my official podcast and hopefully more great gigs playing for awesome fans!

Kristina Sky

Larry Tee

How was 2013 for you? London is my new home with a new London label, Carnage Music, and a scene around my weekly Super Electric Party Machine that has been my exciting new challenge. We have already taken the party to Barcelona and Amsterdam and have had guests like rapper Brooke Candy, singer Charli XCX, Duke Dumont singer A*M*E, producer Darq E Freaker, Le1f, rock group SSION, and 2 Bears DJ set. It’s been amazing to see this New Yorker embraced by a city where being from NYC doesn’t guarantee success! In 2013 I finished work on my new album with London co-producer AttackAttackAttack, and it’s coming out under the name Super Electric Party Machine in January. It has songs by hot new London artists like Nwando, Lady Cartel, QBOY and Versace model/singer Portia Ferrari whose song “Body Talk” with its sexy video looks to be the UK breakout. The album also has new songs from Chicago’s Cunty Savage (with an amazing Mike Q remix), NYC’s Princess Superstar, Roxy Cottontail, Brooklyn group MDPC, Moskow’s Andrey Bartenev and TV phenomena Sharon Needles.

Highlights? The SEPM parties are getting legendary because we that bring surprise element to the DJ sets and live performances. My highlight was our SEPM fashion week party called ‘fashion disaster’ where singer/songwriter Charli XCX from the Icona Pop smash hopped on stage with new Diesel spokes-rapper Brooke Candy to do their duet. Or perhaps when we brought Serious Thugs, which is London’s old-school hip-hop answer to Die Antwoord, and our SEPM party to Amsterdam where our crazy guests dancers put the microphones in places where they normally don’t go…and pulled reams of scarfs out of unexpected places. Mayhem ensued.

Song of the year: Absolute feat. Olly Alexander – “Lose Yourself”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? My prediction/resolution for next year is that my soon-to-be successful unisex menswear line, TZUJI, set for fall/winter 2114, will keep me creatively excited in a whole new way.

Larry Tee

Lea Luna

How was 2013 for you? Probably one of the roughest years I’ve dealt with, honestly. I accomplished a lot, but it was a hell of a battle. Lots of learning.

Highlights? I had a bit of self-centering and spiritual enlightenment happen through a strange chain of (personal) events. I moved back to Denver from L.A., which was incredibly fulfilling for me because I really missed my friends and family. I spent a lot of alone time, and lots on the road. I did a lot of yoga and reading, life-reflecting and soul-searching, among other introverted things I didn’t have patience for before. Before I moved, I made a great exit by writing some successful songs and shooting some cool photos and videos, including a shoe commercial video. Reading back on my interview from last year, I’d say I’ve mellowed out a little over the year’s course (but I can still rage like a rock star when I set time out for it). I’m just more into being a studio rat lately. I guess I’m just saving my energy for when my original music comes out. I don’t really think my departure from L.A. was all that permanent, but it was good for my soul to do all the flashy imagey fun things in LA and then walk away for a bit to go beyond the facade and really deep into my music by myself. I won’t say much more than this: Getting rid of people, habits and distractions that drag you down is part of growing up and becoming successful. Huge epiphany there. Lots on the horizon for the focused.

Song of the year: Lily Allen – “Hard Out Here”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? More stamps on the passport.

Lea Luna - SitsBetween Two Wind Up Victrolas in Front of an Old Pump Organ Wearing an Egg Mixer on a Chain, Pretending to be a Victorian DJ as a Taxidermied Cobra Stands Guard.

Maria Goetz

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was fantastic for me. I am a new artist, and this year has been about finding my sound and my direction. I began making music and DJing in 2012 after I graduated college as an artistic outlet, a vent for all the creativity I had suppressed between full-time school and working three jobs. This year, as my production skills have developed technically, I have been better able to translate the ideas in my head into music, and the creativity is beginning to snowball. My DJing has also matured, and I had been fortunate enough to play some amazing parties in Europe in the fall. Again, my sound has developed and I really enjoy sort of telling a story through my sets and engaging the crowd.

Highlights? Moving to Berlin for three months with my husband to travel, meet people and work on music. I met some truly amazing people, played some kick-ass parties and most importantly picked up some great energy from the experience. The culmination of the whole trip was playing at Tresor among the support of my friends. I am looking forward to bringing that “true spirit” feeling and enthusiasm back to my new home in Chicago in this next year.

Song of the year? Wor x – “Machines” (Urbano Synth Remix.) Love that track, it always gives me energy, and for a while I had to fight the urge to put it in every mix or set.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Make a sandwich for my husband. He deserves it.

maria goetz

Marco Bailey

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was great year! I released my album High Volume on my MB Elektronics label; I made an EP for Carl Cox’s Intec label again and a release together with John Digweed on the Versus album on Bedrock, along with a couple of EPs on MB Elektronics. My worldwide radio show, Electronik Force, has been growing really well, and I played at some amazing clubs and festivals this year.

Highlights? Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium, Space Ibiza @ WELOVE, Ageha in Tokyo and Nature One Festival in Germany.

Song Of The Year: Gregor Tresher – “Relevance” ties for first place with Deetron – “The Rhythm.”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 2013 has absolutely blown me away, so let’s make 2014 even more wild on the dance floor!

Marco Bailey

Marco V

How was 2013 for you? Awesome. I’ve been to some places I’ve never been before, and I’ve released a lot of new music that has been picked up by DJs in all kinds of genres. Also, my debut Flamingo Nights mix compilation has brought some great exposure.

Highlights? Hard to pick one but my track “Waiting (for the end)” with the beautiful voice of Maruja Retana has big crossover potential for the radio, especially here in the Netherlands. And success never tastes as sweet as it does in your home country.

Song of the year: Fatboy Slim & Riva Star feat. Beardyman – “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” (Calvin Harris Remix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I stopped with New Year resolutions because normally they don’t last longer than one day, but I will give it a go. Spend less time in the studio and take that time to do some physical exercise.

Marco V

Marley Carroll

How was 2013 for you? Remarkable! I’m pretty sure 2013 will turn out to be the most important year of my career so far. The first half was marked by creative isolation (finishing up the new album, forgoing major tours, shooting my first music video) and it is ending with a massive outpouring of new work. Earlier this week I released my first full-length album in six years (Sings) and the response has been extraordinary.

Highlights? Taking a personal trip to Hunting Island, SC was the best thing I did all year. I didn’t know it at the time, but it served as my artist retreat. Hunting Island is a gorgeous state park and possesses a raw, unspoiled quality that’s hard to find these days. For a short time, I traded my perpetual connectivity for solitude, kayaks, egrets, stingrays and a low-country boil. I didn’t make any music while I was away, but the clarity and focus it brought allowed me to envision the final structure of my album, concluding a three-year process.

Song of the year: “Nix” by Dawn Of Midi. Dysnomia is one of my favorite albums of the year. IDM-influenced minimalist moiré, performed as a standard piano trio. Adventurous, complex stuff. Their album has some added personal significance because I went to school with two of DoM’s members, but I would have inevitably become obsessed with this album anyway. After hearing “Nix,” I immediately turned out an unofficial and unsolicited remix (I couldn’t help myself). My runner-up quintessential track of 2013 is The Knife’s “Without You My Life Would Be Boring.”

New Year’s resolution? In one callous phrase, it’s “don’t fuck it up.” I’m being graced by a huge wave of momentum, and I’m vowing to maintain it as long as possible. I’m really looking forward to next year.

Marley Carroll


How was 2013 for you? Amazing year for MartyParty and PANTyRAiD filled with a lot of new music and releases and terrific shows and festival appearances. Started some great new collaborations and the MLKMNY hip-hop label. Personally, I moved from New York to Miami where I now have my home and studio.

Highlights? Sensational PillowTalk tour to support the album,  headline sets on summer festivals, the design and production of the PANTyRAiD stage and dancers into a full show.

Song of the year: Herobust – “She Know She Bad” and Gunner Bass – “Kings Landing”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Stay tan all year round and play 100 percent original music in my tour February and March with Joker.


Matt Lange

How was 2013 for you?
Quite a year of growth, both personally and professionally.

Finishing up two separate albums as well as a film score would have to be the big ticket items. Joining Mat Zo on part of his bus tour was quite a great experience as well.

Song of the year: JMSN – “Walk Away”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Be less cynical, but I’m natively a New Yorker, so we’ll see how long that lasts.


Max Cooper

How was 2013 for you? It’s been great. Finally got my album finished after years of toiling.

Highlights? The 4D show. It’s a 12m x 12m x 4m array of 50+ speakers that I redesigned my live show for. It makes each piece of music into a physical entity that the audience can walk around inside and explore.

Song of the year: Can I talk about performance of the year instead? Nils Frahm.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Try out going analogue. It’s been digital all the way up until now, and it’s time to see how the real machines can do.

Maxim of The Prodigy

How was 2013 for you? Fun, drinking, DJing, playing with the band… more fun and the occasional rest day.

Highlights? My DJing venture! I really enjoyed coming to the U.S. to DJ. It’s so much better playing music in the sun.

Song of the year: Valentino Khan – “Who You Wid.” I just love it, and I’ve just played it to death this year.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I don’t do new year’s resolutions because I have learned that I always break them. I just make sure I have more fun than I did in the previous year!


Max Graham

How was 2013 for you? Probably my favorite year of my career. I was busier in 2002-2003 but I didn’t feel in control. Now with Cycles Radio and Rebrand Records going strongly, I feel amazing. Things are growing and becoming more clear about where I want to go and what I want to achieve going forward. Being able to sort longer sets rather than the short guest spots has made DJing truly enjoyable again also.

Highlights? Some really cool big shows like ASOT 600 Mexico and my first trip to Tomorrowland, which was amazing. Highlight was the 6 hour set in NYC in June, which was one of the most complete sets of my favourite music I’ve ever played. Also a four-hour set in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. I played straight techno for four hours and as always the Argentina crowd was perfect.

Song of the year: Way too tough to pick! Highlight artists have been Eco, Alex Di Stefano, Myon and Shane 54 have been on fire, Andrew Bayer’s recent ones have been so strong. I think I played Mark Sherry pretty much every set. Those are just a few in what was a great year for music.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? More long sets. There’s too much music out there to play 90 minutes. Also eat less refined sugar!


Mental Overdrive

How was 2013 for you? It has been a busy and very positive year for both myself and my label, Love OD, with a string of new releases, fun events and lots of travelling in the summer season.

Highlights? Shooting our new film Monster in public locations totally unannounced was great fun (you’ll understand it when you see it – TBA 2014). Also playing our soundtrack for Russian silent movie classic Mother live at The British Film Institute was highly enjoyable too.

Song Of The Year: Axel Boman – “Fantastic Piano”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? N/A


Mike Huckaby

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was a good year for me. I traveled quite heavily this year. I received many bookings and requests for gigs in Europe, even during the off-peak times that I wasn’t in europe.

Highlights? Playing in crazy places like Murmansk, Russia, Sonar and Ibiza on the same day and the Katapult boat party in Paris, Half Baked, in the UK.

Song of the year: Jovonn – “You.” It’s such a crazy track with sleazy lyrics, but it just pumps hard.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To finish my album this year.


Mike Vale

How was 2013 for you? It was definitely a great year. I had lots of Beatport top 10 tracks and played all over the world. I was also really busy in the studio, so you can expect some big beats from me in 2014, including some heavy collaborations with Roger Sanchez, Umek, Boy George, Marc Vedo, Groovebox and Simon Doty, to name a few.

Highlights? Definitely that Beatport choose me as an artist to watch in 2013. There was also my original track “Don’t Give A Damn” feat. Stella Mercury and my remix of deadmau5’s “1981.” Both tracks stayed in the Beatport Top 10 for almost three months! I have also done some big shows like Ultra Europe, EVC India, and Space Ibiza was also very good this year. We also shot the “Don’t Give A Damn” music video when I was in Los Angeles in November, which is coming out in the beginning of 2014, so I am very happy!

Song of the Year: Breach – “Jack”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I have a lot of big plans for 2014, so my resolution is to keep working hard and release my debut album and launch my radio show.

Mike Vale


How was 2013 for you? I guess good, but to be honest I have no idea! My notion of time is pretty bad, because for me time is more related to projects rather than a calendar year. That’s why I also don’t really understand New Year’s Eve.

Highlights? Switching from CDs to USB flash drive when DJing. What a huge timesaver. Bonus: it looks as stupid as playing out CDs.

Song of the year: Gesaffelstein – “The Pursuit”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? That’s a hard one, because I already quit smoking six months ago, so there’s not that many bad habits left. Maybe quit playing the lottery, which I started doing after I quit smoking.



How was 2013 for you? Best year since I started doing music. Travelled all the world and had so much fun working on new material

Highlights? Party: The Gomma Supershow at Wilde Renate Club in Berlin in October with over 2,500 visitors; label: having Andy Weatherhall as a remixer on the label finally was a nice thing and seeing our new house sub label Toy Tonics starting to get so well received by everybody was a pleasure. Also my own single “Misterio” came out and got played by so many people, from Todd Terje to Rebolledo was great for me.

Song of the year: Todd Terje – “Strandbar”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Less DJing. It was too much [in 2013].



How was 2013 for you? This year was different from the rest. Dubstep has been going through a transition. The deeper, real dubstep sound is flying the flag now. This year ‘Ive been in the studio a lot more; I’ve got tons of new stuff waiting for release now. I’ve got an EP forthcoming with Surge in the next few months. I started a new night with Raggs @ Plan B in Brixton called Rude. We are up to our 42nd release with Wheel & Deal, Sin City nights have been a sell out at Fabric and countries like Poland, Switzerland, and I’m currently on tour in the states.

Highlights? Sin City in Poland, Fabric, my radio show on Rinse Fm every Monday 1-3am and the opportunity to cover drive time shows on the radio and more presenting. The new album compilation!

Song of the year: Genetix – “Palaeolithic.” The vibe of this is amazing!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I gotta lose some weight — my belly is a joke! I been smashing pies like they going out of fashion!


Mr. Jones

How was 2013 for you? A very interesting year. A lot of ups and downs, both private, business and music-wise.

Highlights? I’ve had a few highlights, like the first original track “Spek Hondje” feat. Bearwho? that Dave Clarke and myself released as _Unsubscribe_, came out this year on Houndstooth; the introduction in the Napoli techno scene when I played there, ADE with a lot of surprises, stumbling upon my picture in the book Mary Go Wild that summarizes 25 years of house music in Holland, and the cherry on top of that week was playing at Dave Clarke presents ADE at Melkweg in Amsterdam.

Song of the year: There were to many good tracks released this year. I know it’s too easy, but it’s true! I played a lot of tracks from artists like Pfirter, Audio Injection, AnD, Jonas Kopp, etc.


How was 2013 for you? 2013 was good. Our first record was re-released on Plug Research which has had and continues to have some great artist and we also had some good shows, performing on Boiler Room and Noise Pop, and performing in Europe for the first time.

Highlights? We got to open for Damo Suzuki of Can in London which was great;the club, the crowd, the whole thing and then we opened for Sigur Rós at The Eden Sessions in Cornwall which was pretty pretty cool. We’ve also been working on the new record and an upcoming single.

Song of the year: That’s tough. You know, we just made a mix tape for a great blog out of the U.K. called Cast the Dice. — those [songs] would be some of my favorite to listen to this year but I think only one from this year is The Field — “Is this Power” — and that could be from last year. Also. I really dig what I’ve heard of Dark Side.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Think I’d like to begin meditating so that there is at least 20 minutes of the day I’m not smoking.



How was 2013 for you? It was great. We finally got to put out a Nu:Logic album, which is something we’d talked about doing for a long time. We got to tour and DJ together for most of the year which is always fun. Overall, it was fantastic and probably our favorite year so far. Recently, we’ve put out the Sample Series with Loopmasters, which is available now from the Hospital Shop. It will be great to hear what people get out of it and was wicked to be apart of.

Highlights? Playing at both Glastonbury and Bestival was amazing. We totally lucked out with the weather for both of those. Also our two trips to the U.S. were a real highlight. Mostly though, releasing an album that really reflected where we come from musically and was so well received and supported means a huge amount to us.

Song of the year: Wilkinson – “Afterglow.” It’s amazing to see such musical d’n’b making such a dent on the charts.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To make more solo music, and to get busy on another Nu:Logic album asap!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? More studio, more gigs, enjoying everything and more fun!


Pacho & Pepo

How was 2013 for you?
Pacho: 2013 for us was full of work as every year lately. Together with Pepo we run three record labels and do our best to maintain their quality by releasing unique products. Talking about our youngest imprint, Cloning Sound, this year we have released some of our common with Pepo tech house tracks as well as cuts by another electronic music producers from Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and others. We keep it more underground.

Pepo: In the same time, we intend to widen its frame and attract young talented artists from all over the world into our rooster. We have also been working on our weekly Cloning Sound radio show broadcasted on Ibiza Global Radio, One Underground (Romania), Vicious Radio (Spain), LightWaveRadio (Greece), Strom:kraft Radio (Deutschland), etc. Recently we have invited a Spanish DJ and producer, Darkrow, to present his set for the show. He is going to sign his latest track for the label soon. You could follow the updates on our Facebook fan page.

Pacho: Me and Vera Russo, a talented house vocalist based in Bulgaria, have recently recorded two tracks and released them under my second label, Ellectrica Recordings. We decided to unite our skills again after the success of our previous collaboration, “Undressed,” that was played by Richie Hawtin at the pick of his performance back in 2012 @SOLAR DANCE ARENA @ SPIRIT of Burgas. One of the new tracks, ‘I Like What I See’ has recently reached 59th position in Beatport House Top 100. The other one called “Secrets” is a dance floor dedicated tune too.

Another bright 2013 impression is related to my B-day party on the 8th of August which has turned into a tradition when all my friends and house and techno music followers gather at club Mania, Sunny Beach. This year we have even made a live dj set movie from this event and recorded some video interviews with my friends and colleagues who play an important role in the development of the Bulgarian electronic music scene. You can watch it here.

Pepo: Talking about the 2013, I could highlight my new deep house project with the participation of a Bulgarian singer, Diva, “My Secret Confessions.” It’s expected to come out for Ellectrica Recordings as well. Moreover, we are in the process of making a video for the track. To reveal a little bit of it, I can say that it’s based on quite a provocative plot… You can check out the preview here.

Of course we must mention our gigs in Berlin and Istanbul in 2013. With Pacho we were invited to perform at KaterHolzig in the 3+1 event. It was really a great experience to play in front of Berlin techno lovers. So I can say about Follow nightclub in Turkey where the people are really deep into the underground electronic music. It’s an incomparable pleasure to feel different cultures and mentality which is closely related to the music we like and create. We are thankful for these opportunities and are open of course for such forthcoming experiences.

Song of the year:
Pepo: Thomas Schumacher feat. Caitlin Devlin – “Every Little Piece” (Hot Since 82 Remix)

Pacho: Joeski feat. Jesante – “Everybody Get Up” (Original Mix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Pepo: To do our best for the production on our labels, develop the underground image of the Cloning Sound as well as to contribute to the development of the global electronic music scene. We have done a lot for the scene in Bulgaria and intend to spread the knowledge and our experience abroad…

Pacho: To attract the global scene projectors to the Cloning Sound as we pledge great efforts to its production. Moreover, we are planning a U.S. tour in 2014, Cloning Sound showcase. We would like to wish a Happy New Year to you and Big Shot Mag’s readers. Have a year full of great hopes which come true in the end! Let the good music be with you!

pacho and pepo

Penguin Prison

How was 2013 for you? In 2013, I worked on my upcoming album which will be released in 2014. I am excited for everyone to hear it.

Highlights? Working in the studio on my album in NYC with Chris Zane at his studio. It is amazing what happens when you take a home demo recording and finish it in a proper studio.

Song of the year: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To finish my album and release it in 2014 and tour all over the place with my band.

penguin prison


How was 2013 for you? It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity. It was the season of light, it was the season of darkness. It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. We had everything before us; we had nothing before us. We were all going direct to heaven; we were all going direct the other way…but mainly, it fucking rocked!

Highlights? So many to be honest. From a production standpoint, we had a busy release schedule with tracks that ranged from deep house all the way through to dark techno and through that whole continuum our fan base was (mostly) so supportive of that diversity which we appreciate so much. From a touring perspective, Space Ibiza closing party was bananas, Hardpop and Bar Americasin Mexico, Truth in Johannesburg, Revolver and Chinese Laundry in Australia, Watergate in Berlin, Sound in L.A., Spybar Chicago just to name a few. And, of course, as cliché as it might sound, seeing all our fans around the world. It really does keep one motivated!

Song of the year: The Naked & Famous – “In Rolling Waves” (Could almost put any song off the whole album as my song of the year!)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To come up with a good new years resolution for 2015!



How was 2013 for you? Busy! We started the year with a 12″ on Horn Wax that sold-out before the end of January, and things just carried on from there. Our label, Balkan Vinyl, launched a Kickstarter campaign in the summer that ended up doing nearly double its initial target. We’ve also released 12″s on RSI and Rothmans that both did really well, finished an EP for Body Work (due out early next year) and played loads of gigs, including taking our club night I Love Acid on the road with shows in Antwerp, Belfast and Malta.

Highlights? Putting together our charity compilation Music Sans Frontiers featuring tracks from people like Plaid, B12, Milanese and Radioactive Man. We did it to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontieres, and we’ve pulled in around £1k and counting so far.

Song of the year: Easy answer. Shadow Dancer’s “Matta” on Unknown to the Unknown. It’s an absolute beast of a track — proper prime time peak-of-the-set acid.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Spend more time in the studio with vocalists and embrace more raw, stripped down production. There’s too much music out there that’s all smart-arse shiny and clean, but lacking in real energy: see Daft Punk’s polished turd of an album, for example. We intend to sack all that off and just enjoy the tunes more.



How was 2013 for you? Richard Pike: Some wins, somes losses. Can’t complain.

Highlights? I ran a half marathon. Success.

Song of the year: Usually I struggle to name a tune, but it’s been a great year for music. I haven’t said that for a long time. I’m gonna say “The Comeback” by Alex Cameron. I’ll even give you a link. His website is worth a look.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Have a good time all of the time.


Rank 1

How was 2013 for you? It’s the year that trance is getting back to its roots. Well, at least that’s how we feel it, and man do we like it!

Highlights? Playing ASOT India was a new experience, such an amazing atmosphere! Also doing a live set was fun. We should definitely do that more often.

Song of the year: Aerofoil – “WoW”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Piet: I’d really like to quite smoking, so if you catch me with a cigarette please remind me!
Benno: Perhaps I could do some less pranking, but it’s sometimes just too easy.

Rank 1

Riva Starr

How was 2013 for you? 2013 has been great! Got my second album release with amazing featurings (Horace Andy, Roots Manuva etc.) and just reached number three in the UK chart with “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat}” along Fatboy Slim and Beardyman… touring all around… and got to eat a few good pizzas so all good!

Highlights? The birth of my second kid, Vinicio! Such a lovely lil bloke if you ask me

Song of the year: There are a few but I gotta say that the full Four Tet album really impressed me!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Trying to eat as much good pizzas as possible, and make some banging tunes of course!


How was 2013 for you? A third great year on the road for us. We always feel super lucky to be doing what were doing and to be given the chance to tour and play shows across the world.

Highlights? Finally getting the chance to play New York but topping that has to be touring with our label buddy Flux Pavilion and good friend Skism of Never Say Die Records across the States and UK on Flux’s Freeway Tour. Amazing shows, amazing crowds and endless laughs memories that will stay with us forever!

Song of the year: Flume’s “Holdin On.” Everything he has done this year has been phenomenal but this has to be a particular favorite.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? It’ss the same as every year and that all revolves round our music: Work harder, make more music, and make better music.



How was 2013 for you? A year of extremes — extreme highs and extreme lows.

Highlights? In fear of leaving someone out, we’ll just say that we’ve met some wonderful people, been to incredible places and seen amazing things.

Song of the year: The Limeliters’ “Take My True Love By the Hand.” Not really from 2013 but certainly a musical experience to remember (due to its appearance in Breaking Bad).

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Maximize on all levels!


Sandra Collins

How was 2013 for you? 2013 has been fantastic. I got a new team together whom I love. Also met some really good people who will be lifelong friends. Lots of seeds have been planted this year, and I expect the following years to be awesome!

Highlights? We had the world premiere of Girl after 10-11 years of filming. It was really interesting to look back at all that has happened. I debuted in lots of new cities — Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Medellin, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina is a place that I’ve always been attracted to so that was exciting!

Song of the year: Lexer’s “If You Run.” This song opened me up to a sea of amazing artists over in Germany. The scene/artists over there have kept me inspired all year!

What’s your New Year’s resolution: To stand in my truth, be authentic — always.

Sandra Collins

Sandro Silva

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was like 2012, but even better! We did amazing shows again all over the world. It was a pleasure and honor for me to play for all the fans again.

Highlights? I was — and I am still — very proud of my latest release, “Payback,” released back in November. It did very well, topped the Beatport charts and it is getting really known in the mainstream world now. Gigwise I would say Tomorrowland was awesome and Beyond Wonderland in the U.S. was crazy!

Song of the year: “Reload,” the vocal version from Seb and Tommy. What an amazing record, so catchy and still so powerful on the dance floors/festivals. The original was already strong, but the lead vocal made it even bigger. Well done!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? A continuation of my healthy diet, even more as I do now because I lost a lot of weight thanks to that and I feel so much better now.

Sandro Silva


How was 2013 for you? I’d have to say it was a great year. Settled in Detroit, found an ideal studio set up finally, did my fare share of touring, started working on a film score and released my third full length on Ghostly.

Highlights? Playing DEMF (Movement) again in Detroit was definitely a highlight for me. The latest North American tour was great as well with Beacon, Nitemoves and Heatheredpearls — it was kind of a family affair. Also my latest tour (Japan, China, S. Korea, New Zealand, Australia) was incredible. I brought my brother along with me. We had never traveled together before so we had some good “brother bonding” time not to mention he was a big help (as well as a family affair!).

Song of the year: Jon Hopkins – “Open Eye Signal” or James Holden – “Rannoch Dawn”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Start having a consistent sleeping schedule… hopefully.



How was 2013 for you? Busy and stressful, but very productive. I didn’t go outside very much in 2013.

Highlights? Seeing three years’ worth of hard work come to fruition, with the release of the I Dream Of Wires documentary on modular synthesizers, which I produced, co-wrote and created the soundtrack for. Also I got to meet Vince Clarke, check out his studio and interview him for the film. He’s my synth hero so that was a thrill.

Song of the year: Factory Floor – “Fall Back”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Less time in front of the computer screen, more time in front of my music machines.



How was 2013 for you? It’s been a year spent mainly confined to the studio. We’ve done a bit of touring, but the focus has been mainly on getting our second album, Cyclic Operations, finished and released.

Highlights? Finally getting the album out there last month and it being well received has been the overall highlight. But there have been some other great moments too – Lehmann in Stuttgart and our India dates were probably the top touring moments.

Song Of The Year: Roberto Capuano – “Vertigo”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To spend at least a little bit of time outside the studio, maybe even get a suntan!


Sub Antix

How was 2013 for you? Unreal. Between playing Shambhala, the Most Wanted Tour, and my EP coming out I’d say it’s been the best year as far as music for me yet.

Highlights? Besides the ones I mentioned before, having Bassnectar play “80 Weight” on New Year’s in Nashville to a sold-out arena was definitely a highlight. Just wish I could have been there myself!

Song of the year: I’ve only heard it on Rinse because I don’t think it’s out yet, but AWE’s “Rust Lung VIP” has got to be one of the coolest tunes I’ve heard in ages. As far as released tunes, I gotta say Djahsta’s “Life’s a Bitch.” Tune’s just mental.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Play as many shows as possible and keep making odd music.


Sub Focus

How was 2013 for you? It was a really good year. Electronic music is thriving at the moment and it’s great to be involved.

Highlights?Releasing my second album, Torus; reaching the top ten in the UK charts; and playing with my live show at Roundhouse in London to a sold-out crowd.

Song of the year: Hard to choose just one. If I was forced to it would be between Sophie’s “Bipp” and “Get Down Low” by TC which is a tune which I have played to death in my sets this year.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To spend more time in the studio! I’ve just had a new studio space custom built, next door to my friends from Nero and Chase and Status, and I’m itching to get in there and write some new music. It’s easy to spend too much time touring sometimes. In the early part of next year I’m going to make sure I block off some time to write some new music.


Sync 24

How was 2013 for you? Good! I put some great tracks out from various artists on Cultivated Electronics, and I’ve been writing plenty of new music.

Highlights? Releasing material from J.T.C, Versalife and E.R.P plus many others on the World Electronix series, releasing my first EP in three years on the newly re-launched Electrix label from Billy Nasty, collaborating with Perc as AW/PB for Brothers and working with Morphology on a new collaboration scheduled for next year.

Song of the year: Carl Finlow – Boot Loop EP

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Drink less!

Sync 24

The New Royales

How was 2013 for you? Erik Alcock: 2013 was great. 13’s my lucky number (was my granddad’s too… and he survived the World War I).

Highlights? Getting “Survival” on Eminem’s new record was amazing. And seeing him perform it on SNL was a trip, not to mention the fact that it got up to #16 on the Hot 100 in the U.S.! And releasing “Drugs in my Pocket” as well as picking the track listing for our upcoming record and finishing the tracks. And I got a dog!

Song of the year: That’s a tough one. Right now I’m really into “Do I Wanna Know” from the new Arctic Monkeys record.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I want to learn how to play “Life On Mars” by David Bowie properly.

The New Royales

Tom Hades

How was 2013 for you? A very busy year with the perfect closing by releasing my new album, The Missing Touch.

Highlights? My album getting great feedback and support from the biggest players in the scene.

Song Of The Year: Boards Of Canada – “Reach for the Dead”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To be able to play and present my album everywhere in the world!

Tom Hades

Tom Middleton

How was 2013 for you? Blessed to have seen more of the Earth, met more inspiring people, learned a bunch of important life lessons (still learning!)

Highlights? New Year spinning on beach in Mombassa; launching Sound Of The Cosmos to showcase Space and Bass Electronica talent; hiring Kool & the Gang to perform at a friend’s wedding; developing my <> live show.; helping raise $1m performing a classical/electronica rework of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker for the Save The Children Charity.

Song of the year: “Phillip Dolphia” by J.M.F. It’s loaded with emotion, stunningly beautiful, uplifting and optimistic, with almost tear inducing flutes melody.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Make more music with emotional integrity, play more live shows to communicate those emotions through sound and visuals and release all the unreleased tracks in the archives.

Tom Middleton PR Pic


How was 2013 for you? 2013 has been the foundation stone for Techniques. I’ve spent most of the time in my studio writing, recording and mixing and generally coming up with weird and wonderful ideas of stuff that I could do or use for Techniques. Oh, and also doing the odd taster live show here any there — there were some cool shows in London and Paris for the Kitsuné nights.

Highlights? Learning to play the accordion. I can now also play it with my feet while upside down

Song of the year: The Knife – “Raging Lung”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To procrastinate more.


Tommie Sunshine

How was 2013 for you? 2013 was amazing and 2014 looks to be even better!!!

Highlights? I got married to the love of my life, played Main Stage at Ultra, played EDC Vegas, played Stereosonic in Australia, sat on panels at WMC, EDM BIZ, ADE and EMC alongside Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Danny Tenaglia and Krewella, all while writing and releasing the best and most successful music of my career.

Song of the year: It’s hard to pick a song that is the best of anything but I have been in awe of the output of Disclosure, Showtek, Deorro and the incoming sounds of Melbourne Bounce. The best album of the year, no contest, is Daft Punk.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Living healthier, being more fearless musically and spending less time online while spending more time in the studio.



How was 2013 for you? Amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better year release and touring wise, and I’m definitely looking forward to 2014.

Highlights? Morgan Page Presents 3D tour, and playing at clubs like Avalon, Pacha NY, Union and New City Gas in Canada. Touring as a whole has been a definite highlight for me this year!

Song of the year: Discopolis – “Commited To Sparkle Motion” (Axwell Radio Edit)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Work harder, work smarter and all round just try to be a kinder and more thoughtful human being.

John Walden

Tyson Ballard

How was 2013 for you? A great year filled with a lot more highs than lows. It started with Theo Parish and Kerri Chandler on an hot Australian rooftop, my son was born in April, caught over 150 flights, brought out four records and moved to my favorite city in the world, Berlin. I’m hoping it ends in Hawaii.

Highlights? For the fathers out there the birth of a son/daughter is a pretty big deal but if your speaking musically then completing my latest EP was a massive highlight. There’s something really rewarding about doing the last mixdown and sending it off for mastering. I’ve been really lucky to have worked with some of my closest on it so pretty happy with the output.

Song of the year: “Biscuit Twat” (Linkwood Remix). I was given it as a demo three years ago and finally convinced him to put it out this year on Voyeurhythm. There’s an interesting story behind it all but pretty ecstatic that it was nominated for remix of the year.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? I’ve been working on some songs that are more suited to the storytelling format of an album so would be a real accomplishment to finish them for a long player. That and drink a little less tequila.


How was 2013 for you? 2013 was an interesting year for us. We finished our new LP and moved to New York City from San Francisco. The first half of the year we spent waiting for the record to come out and adjusting to New York; equally terrifying and exhilarating. The second half of the year we have pretty much spent touring which again is a mixed bag of fun/excitement/exhaustion/terror. We are in Poland right now.

Highlights? Putting out our new record and playing release shows in NYC/SF/LA, touring with great bands and good friends like Disappears and Deafheaven, playing 25 nights in a row across Europe, playing in Greece and Poland, making a music video for “Rosaries” ourselves, swan diving into oblivion.

Song of the year: Luke Bryan — “That’s My Kind of Night”

What is your New Year’s resolution? Sell 1,000,000 records and lose 165 pounds.


How was 2013 for you? 2013 was my best year so far! It started of with my own sold out X-Qlusive in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, which was probably the best night in my career so far, and I also made it to the Dutch charts with “Year Of Summer”! And besides that I travelled all over the world and discovered a lot of new places.

Highlights? I received a golden and platinum record for my release “Year of Summer,” had my own X-qlusive like mentioned before, playing at all the major hardstyle events like Qlimax and Defqon 1, launched my record label (Lose Control Music)! I guess 2013 was one big highlight.

Song of the year: Ellie Goulding – “Burn”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Uhhh, quit smoking.



How was 2013 for you? It was very fulfilling and enlightening. From a work point of view it’s been great. I’ve toured the world a lot and endlessly! My record label, Circus Recordings, has gone from strength to strength, particularly with our club hit Green Velvet’s “Bigger Than Prince.” My musical/production output has been really creative and challenging, and have clocked up releases and planned releases on labels like Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Desolat, Defected, Carl Cox’s Intec Records, and my own Circus Recordings and, of course, Warners/Big Beat so it’s nicely broad. My monthly event Circus in both Liverpool and London here in the UK continues to sell-out month after month, always booking the world’s best underground djs/artists to join me. We are our 11th year now and there is no one that has not played for us now, and vibe wise there is nothing like it. And most importantly, I also learned I’m going to be a father so it’s been a good year for sure!

Highlights? Of course learning about the baby. But workwise getting into America and South America more has been great, seeing out the season in Ibiza in a good way with Carl Cox was important to me. Developing and A&Ring the “Bigger Than Prince” project from an idea I put to Green Velvet to watch it become the big hit of the summer in Ibiza, and now signed to two majors was pretty cool, all without polluting the project in anyway. I learned a lot from that. And enjoying my DJing more than ever — that’s what I do best. I’ve been DJing for over 20 years, and I’m so into it still!

Song of the year: Green Velvet’s “Bigger Than Prince” on Circus Recordings (Hot Since82 / the Martinez Brothers / Original Mix). No tune has cut across dance music like this track this year. Everyone played it and six months after its release it still sounds cool and fresh even though it’s catchy. I’m proud of this project.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Well, I do not smoke, am pretty much vegan, hardly drink. I’m back into my exercise and do not watch TV really so there’s not much left! So I would say I need to be prepared to work less and enjoy my new family. That is number one for me from now on.

DJ Yousef


How was 2013 for you? It’s been building up! Definitely a work in progress with the creation of my label, Partyfine, and the writing of my new artist album. Many new things!

Highlights? May 16th: The launch of my label, Partyfine, and my daughter’s birthday. July: Australian tour, always lots of fun.

Song of the year: Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To quit smoking, but it’s the same every year and I never do it.

ZooK van snooK

How was 2013 for you? I’m lucky enough to be able to say that 2013 was a great year personally. Lo Recordings and I teamed up in mid 2012 to put out my second LP, and this was the year that it all came to fruition. We were all made up with the positivity of all the reviews and I managed to launch the LP on a gloriously sunny day here in Barcelona with a three-hour DJ set.

Highlights? Working with Isan, Ulrich Schnauss and Paul Hartnoll were particular highlights. I’ve been working on a remix for De-Fence Records, which is the last part in the 10 x10″ series. It’s a mystery project which features small contributions from all the people that have worked with De-Fence in the past (Jon Hopkins, King Creosote, Malcolm Middleton etc.) whereby everyone uses the anonymously submitted parts to create brand new, unique remixes. I worked with De-Fence for the James Yorkston ‘Spanish Ants’ 10″ earlier in the year and my contribution, as well as a full mix, was a glitched recording of a rabbit eating!

Song of the year: Sau Poler’s “Love Minded” from the A Soundless Echo EP.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? To stop chewing my toe nails!

Zoon van snooK

Darren Ressler

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