DJs React to Hurricane Sandy on Twitter

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of America yesterday, later wreaking havoc on New York City, the city Big Shot calls home. Though some residents initially dismissed the storm as a nonevent due to Hurricane Irene failing to deliver its predicted wrath, the Big Apple went through a night of heavy rain, flooding, high winds and displacement of residents due to blackouts.

DJs were on Twitter all night discussing the historic storm as it happened. New York jock Tommie Sunshine served as a repository of storm related information, passing along breaking news to his followers. Others like AC Slater provided levity by joking about filling up bathtubs with champagne while locals like rekLES (“On the roof in Flatbush…wind almost knocked me down.”) were actually caught in the brunt of the hurricane.

Here are some of the most interesting tweets from a night New Yorkers won’t soon forget. Stay safe everyone!

Darren Ressler

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