Big Shot Guest Mix: Pilocka Krach

PILOCKA KRACH Big Shot Guest Mix

In an age of casual cool selfies and humble brags on social media you’ve got to give it up for Berlin DJ/producer Pilocka Krach‘s chutzpah. Releasing music since 2007, Krach named her debut album Best Of. The name of the label she runs? Greatest Hits International, of course. Ms. Krach lives the 100 percent mindset to the fullest, and she brings oodles of energy, passion and fun to whatever creative project she is involved in.

To commemorate the release of Best Of and give clubbers a taste of what to expect at her upcoming  summer DJ gigs, Krach put together an 11-track Big Shot Guest Mix, examining the relationship between the spoken word and the groove.

Krach’s session opens with “Wordy Rappinghood” from Tom Tom Club’s seminal debut album, then touches on contemporary cuts by Schleppgeist, Sassafras and SBTRKT. Along the way she mixes in two electro-charged cuts off Best Of, “Gitarre Spielen” and “Superboy.”

Explaining her mix she says, “Electronic dance music is mainly about [using] sound and rhythm to create a specific atmosphere in the room. I am also interested in the concept of dancing to songs of rock, pop and hip-hop to identify with an idea of a message. Let’s dance!”

Pilocka Krach’s Best Of is out now on Monika Enterprise. Catch her upcoming DJ sets at Chateau De Fous, Etang Sur Arroux on June 13, Bordell Des Arts in Berlin on June 18 and a live appearance at Hive in Zürich on June 26.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Pilocka Krach by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Pilocka Krach

  1. Tom Tom Club – “Wordy Rappinghood” (Island Records)
  2. Pilocka Krach – “Superboy” (Monika Enterprise)
  3. Richy Ahmed feat. Kevin Knapp – “The Drums” (Hot Creations)
  4. The Beatangers, Boogie Vice – “Bad Girl” (Bunny Tiger)
  5. Victor Ruiz & Alex Stein – “Enemy” (Tiles)
  6. Edu Gazzebo & ZatroMinic – “The Next” (South B Records)
  7. Sharam Jey, Sirus Hood – “Picture, Picture” (Bunny Tiger)
  8. Schlepp Geist – “The Suffer Between” (SOSO)
  9. Sassafras – “The Underworld ” (Indigo Raw)
  10. SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig – “New Dorp. New York” (Young Turks)
  11. Pilocka Krach – “Gitarre Spielen” (Monika Enterprise)

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