Big Shot Guest Mix: Maya Schenk

big shot guest mix maya schenk

If the stars align you’re going to be hearing a lot about German-born vocalist/DJ/producer Maya Schenk.

Currently based in London, Schenk just released her terrific C.I.M.A. EP on French indie label Carton Pâte. The EP is a calling card for her sound, which embraces deep house, minimal and tech-house with plenty of warm low-slung basslines. The cherry on top is her distinct, soulful voice and poignant lyrics.

The rising star stepped into the studio and forged an incredible Big Shot Guest Mix featuring “Crying in My Arms” as well as tracks from Ed Davenport, Cajmere, Todd Edwards and an as-yet unreleased track. Maya fills us in on the inspiration behind the mix:

This mix features some of my favourite tracks at the moment and a couple that have been in my box for a while already!

Ed Davenport’s “More Red Lights” has the perfect pensive but driven mood to kick things off. Then I just had to include Walka’s remix of my latest release, “Crying In My Arms.” It’s such a well-crafted interpretation and is right up my street. Turbo Turbo’s remix of the same track of mine had to feature too as is an absolute dance floor hit whenever I play it out.

I also threw in a few older tracks that still feature in my sets. “004” by N’to is a long-time favourite — it’s playful techno-esque vibe really turns me on musically. Another is David Keno’s mix of Patrick Molinari’s “I Got Soul” – always a keeper!

Also, keep an ear out for a little preview of my new EP, wedged between “Pump Up The Volume” and “004.”

Finally, I round things up with one of my all-time faves, the Nervous Records classic, “Feelin’ Lonely” by The Sample Choir a.k.a. Todd Edwards.

Check out her amazing set below!

Big Shot Guest Mix: Maya Schenk by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Maya Schenk

  1. Ed Davenport – “More Red Lights” (Dub Mix)

  2. Maya Schenk – “Crying In My Arms” (Walka Remix)

  3. Jett – “Act Natural”

  4. Nino Blink – “Wee Dirty” (Schenk & Blanco Remix)

  5. Cajmere – “Percolator” (Jamie Jones Vault Mix)

  6. Maya Schenk – “Crying In My Arms” (Turbo Turbo Remix)

  7. Elomak – “My Life” (Maya Schenk Remix)

  8. Legitimate Scandal – “Joker Smoker”

  9. N’to – “004”

  10. Maya Schenk – untitled demo

  11. Mass Digital – “Pump Up The Volume”

  12. Christian Arno – “Chicks Who Love Guns”

  13. Patrick Molinari – “I Got Soul” (David Keno Remix)

  14. Maya Schenk – “London Crawling”

  15. The Sample Choir – “Feelin’ Lonely”

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