Big Shot Guest Mix: Jovonn


This month New York house legend Jovonn released a three-cut gem for Paris-based Apollonia Music, the imprint helmed by Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky. On the simply titled The EP, the Brooklyn-based maestro known for dance floor classics like “I Can’t Make Up My Mind” and “Garage Shelter” shows why he’s a master of all sounds deep. To celebrate the release of the new EP Jovonn mixed up a special session. He took some time out from his studio exploits to chat about his new release, Big Shot Guest Mix and plans for the summer which include playing Glastonbury.

You established your reputation in the ’90s. How do you feel about the resurgence of interest in ’90s house?
Jovonn: I think it’s awesome because it gives the new generation on how we did things tracks wise and the fact that they added a new twist in today’s technology is awesome old school into new. I love it.

How did you connect with the Apollonia guys?
A good friend of mine, Alex Arnout of Dogmatik Records, introduced me to Dyed Soundorom at Circo Loco’s WMC party last year. We connected, became great friends and talked about doing a collaboration as well as signing tracks from each other’s record label, as well as playing gigs together, which we did successfully this year at WMC Apollonia party.

The new EP is great. What influenced these new tracks?
I studied what Dyed was playing at his party sets as well as the type of music he put out on Apollonia. It gave me inspiration on what kind of tracks I could do to fit for that label.

What’s your plan for the summer? Do you have plans to tour?
Two things I plan to do this summer is to put out the best deep house tracks on my upcoming new label, Body N Deep Records, and touring along with Clone Records who are putting out classic tracks from my formally known record label, Gold Tone Records, which will be due out this summer. I’m also playing at the Glastonbury festival, in the Block9 Arena. I’m really looking forward to that.

Tell us what inspired the Big Shot Guest Mix.
The Big Shot mix is a selection of tracks that I’m feeling right now, giving you a taste of what you’ll be hearing when Jovonn’s playing in your club, with that trademark body ’n’ deep sound.

Darren Ressler

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