Big Shot Guest Mix: Reso


In late February 2011 Reso graced us with a fantastic Big Shot Guest Mix. An issue with our server led to the loss of the mix, but we’ve thankfully been able to repost it!

Genre-defying dubstep DJ/producer Reso has been doing big things as of late. This week he dropped his Valken EP on Civil Music (who will release his debut album later in the year), and his list of growing credits includes recording for labels like Hospital Records and re-jiggering tracks for the likes of Drop the Lime, Foamo, and Qemists. Boasting an atmospheric, beat-laden sound oozing with sparse beats and sophistication, Reso is most definitely on his way to the big time — on his own creative terms, of course. On this exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix, Reso, who kicks off his U.S. tour on March 3, takes us on a deep, 23-track journey of wobbly, soulful sonic goodness. Download and enjoy.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Reso by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Reso

1. Kona Triangle / “Craig Y Don Lightshow”
2. Skinnz / “Burn Me”
3. HXDB / “Miranda”
4. Grimelock / “Weakness”
5. SP:MC & LX one / “Judgement”
6. Dub From Atlantis / “Silly Little Things” (Cymatic Remix)
7. Ilum Sphere / “Blood Music” (Indigo Remix)
8. Cliffhanga feat. The beautiful Word / “Landmines” (Arkist’s Mix)
9. HXDB / “Heartbeat”
10. Hackman & Bluto / “WDYGOAPHAGFY”
11. Lwiz / “4.42 Oz”
12. Freeze / “Forseen”
13. F / “Forever”
14. Nuage / “Remember The Lights”
15. Sepulcure / “No Think”
16. Jack Sparrow / “Red Sand”
17. Om Unit / “The Timps” (Alternate Version)
18. Sclist / “Safari”
19. Gold FF Inch / “Dirty Bird”
20. Baobinga & Hyetal / “Trouble”
21. Jonny Faith / “Meteor Shower” (Ital Tek Remix)
22. Stateless / “Assassinations” (Om Unit Remix)
23. Keaver & Brause / “Cedar Green”

Darren Ressler

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