Big Shot Guest Mix: Remote


The Hacker and Gesaffelstein’s Zone Records have released the formidable Computer Dope EP from Remote, a Parisian duo composed of Eric Guillanton and Sébastien Fouble. Having selectively released tracks for Kill the DJ and Citizen Records, Guillanton and Fouble seem to revel in crafting dark, ominous grooves like a pair of mad dance floor scientists. Luckily for us they’ve lent their touch to a killer Big Shot Guest mix featuring a blend of new and old tunes that was recorded on the fly.

“This is a three-decks set and the mix is all about juxtaposing both coldness and funkiness,” they say about the mix. “We wanted to try and mix in both old and new stuff, some of our own productions and tracks from some of our favorite producers but the main purpose was to put in context two of the tracks from our new EP, Computer Dope and Extraball. To be honest it’s very hard to talk about a mix that we didn’t prepare we just let happen… So perhaps it’s best to just listen.”

Download and enjoy.

Remote’s Computer Dope EP is out now on The Hacker & Gesaffelstein’s Zone Records.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Remote by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Darren Ressler

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