M83 Tackles the ’80s


Look out for a new M83 album, Saturdays = Youth, in the middle of April. Mute Records will drop it on the 15th. It will follow Digital Shades Volume 1, which was released only four months ago. That album, a collection of ambient tracks, was intended to be a part of a series in the same vein.

For the upcoming record, Anthony Gonzalez worked with Morgan Kibby, known for her work playing with the Romanovs and voice work on film trailers, after meeting and getting in touch with her via MySpace. He claims we can expect a throwback to his teenage, which he mentions consisted of hitting up parties, doing drugs, and having a good time. This will, of course, be the second album Gonzalez has made since his departure with Nicolas Fromageau, who we last heard from on Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts.

Where several M83 tracks have been used in various soundtracks (Night Watch and A Scanner Darkly), perhaps we can expect that this album will provide new ambient material for future subversive film trailer soundtracks.

Darren Ressler