15 Questions for Men Without Pants

Men Without Pants answer the hypothetical question: What happens when a revered hip-hop producer connects with one of the best drummers in indie rock?

Dan “The Automator” Nakamura has produced groundbreaking albums by Gorillaz, Dr. Octagon, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and Kasabian. Russell Simins is the musically adventurous drummer in John Spencer Blues Explosion. Nakamura and Simins joined forced to create the musically ambiguous Men Without Pants, whose debut, Naturally, boasts cameos from Sean Lennon, Sammy James, Jr. from the Mooney Suzuki, and Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The duo fielded questions from Big Shot readers.

1. I am familiar with both of your separate bodies of musical work, but I am perplexed by the name of your group. Are you going to give me a snarky response if I ask the significance of this moniker?
Lee Kaigu
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Russell: Why are you perplexed? What about Butthole Surfers?! Crucifux?! Etc., etc., etc.! We just thought it was kinda funny and went with it.
Dan: And it just suits us!

2. Dan, I love your work and I’m chomping at the bit with anticipation of Kasabian’s upcoming album. What was it like to work with those guys? Do you think your magic touch will help them finally get the exposure they deserve in the U.S.?
Jill Slater
Danbury, CT

Dan: Working with Kasabian was a blast. And of course they should be bigger in the States!

3: So why did your MWP album take so long to receive an official release in the States?
Stephen Parsons
Waco, TX

Russell: It just took some extra time to finish some eleventh hour tracks that we wanted to make sure were gonna be on the U.S. release.
Dan: We were also busy working on a lot of other projects at the same time.

4. I haven’t heard your album, but I know both of you as individual musicians. How did you both meet and when did you decided to make an album?
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Russell: We met when [John Spencer] Blues Explosion had Dan work on our ACME record. We became fast friends and decided to do a project together.
Dan: We came up with the idea for Men Without Pants a few years later while we were eating at a classic New York City deli.

5. What did y’all thought of Chinese Democracy?
Curtis Johnson, Jr.
Mobile, AL

Russell: Three words: Appetite For Destruction!!!!!

6. Who wears the Pants in your relationship?

Russell/Dan: You do!

7. Russell, who is the second best drummer in indie rock?
Fresno, CA

Russell: Moe Tucker

8. How many copies do you think your album will sell?
DJ Diamond
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Russell/Dan: A lot.

9. I love “Safety Dance.” When are you guys going to make another hit record like that one? It’s my jam!
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Russell: And the girls go…….hello?!

10. You have a bunch of cool guests on your album. Any chance you will do a few live shows?
Tommie Gunn
Toronto, CN

Russell: Yes. We’re in Europe end of May doing shows and then plan to follow that up with some New York shows soon after.
Dan: And hopefully we’ll do some TV shows as well.

11. What’s your favorite album of the moment?
Chris Hansen
Boston, MA

Russell: The new Antony and the Johnsons album for one.
Dan: I’m finishing up producing the new Kasabian record now and people will be blown away when they hear it.

12. I checked out some tracks from your album on MySpace. I really liked “Superfine.” Anyway, I was wondering if the title of your album has anything to do with Obama’s green initiative.
Curious in California
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Russell: No.

13. Who is the biggest jerk in the world?
Mike Rizzo
Cleveland. OH

Russell/Dan: A tie between Dr. Phil and Ed Hardy.

14. How much money is in your pocket right now?
Father John Doherty
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Russell: I don’t know. I left my pants at yr mom’s house.

15. Do you dryclean or machine wash your pants?
Las Vegas, NV

Dan: Ask your mom.

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